midsummer island adventure event

Midsummer Island Adventure Event

Genshin Impact 1.6 version kicks off with the brand new Midsummer Island Adventure Event! Like its name implies, the Midsummer Island Adventure event will take us to a new area full of small islands to explore.

This new area will offer new quests, puzzles and materials to gather. Midsummer Island Adventure is the main event of the 1.6 update, split in four different Acts.

To participate in the Event players must be Adventure Rank 21 or above and have completed the “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” and “Trifolium Chapter: Act I -True Treasure” Quests.

The event will begin with the release of the 1.6 update and continue until June 28th. The event’s shop will be available until June 29th.

During the event, the Adventure Rank required to unlock Klee’s Story Quest “True Treasure” will be lowered to 21, and the Story Quest will not require a Story Key to unlock.

Event Acts

The event is split in four Acts. When you complete an Act, you can proceed to the next one. The four Acts are:

Main Cannon, Make Ready… Fire

During this act, players can use the Waverider boat to destroy enemy sea encampments. The Waverider is a unique type of boat that you can summon at the Waverider Waypoints to explore the new zone. You can even invite friends to sail with you in co-op mode!

Use the map to find enemy encampments and fire with its weapon to destroy them. It is possible to get out of the boat and fight with your character. By completing challenges you can earn Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials and Shiny Flotsam, that you can use in the Event Shop.

midsummer island adventure event

Whirlpool off to Starboard… Full Speed Ahead!

This second Act is basically a speed challenge split in two! There are two courses, one seaborne where you need to use the Waverider and an airborne one that you have to complete with your character gliding.

The goal is to gather as many Wavesplitter Insignia as possible to get Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials.

Samurai Sighted… To Arms!

A more traditional combat based third Act. In this Act, you must face Maguu Kenki, a new Boss type enemy in Genshin Impact. A mechanical Samurai enemy with interesting mechanics. When his HP drops below a certain amount, he enters the Phantom Stage. During this stage his attacks are converted to Anemo damage and it summons Phantoms to attack the player as well.

The Phantoms’ attacks are imbued with Elemental Energy and deal both Anemo and Cryo damage. His cool looking mask can also block ranged attacks, making it more difficult to defeat him.

Defeat this new boss to earn Primogems, Mora and upgrading materials. After the event ends, Maguu Kenki will remain as a Boss enemy.

Harpastum Bombs Loaded…Blow ‘Em Away!

The fourth and final act of the event! Gather the appropriate materials to craft three types of Harpastum Bombs! Equip the bombs and destroy monster encampments with them to complete challenges.

Complete all challenges to earn Primogems, Mora upgrading materials but also Mini Harpastum that you can use in the Event Shop!

midsummer island adventure event

Event Rewards

Lots of Primogems, Mora and upgrading materials as usual! But you can also exchange Shiny Flotsam and Mini Harpastum for Crown of Isnight, Furnishing Blueprints, Talent and Weapon Materials as well as a new Catalyst weapon, the Dodoco Tales!

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