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Lotus Eater Quest

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Lotus Eater is a World Quest in Enkanomiya! A hidden quest you need to trigger that will also allow you to access a Secret Room in the area. The NPC offering the Quest can be found in The Serpent’s Heart.

Before you can talk to him though you must first solve a quick puzzle and have unlocked the ability to switch between Whitenight and Evernight.

Advance the main story line of Enkanomiya and reach Dainichi Mikoshi, at the center of the map. To enter Enkanomiya you must first complete the “The Moon-Bathed Deep” Quest in Watatsumi Island and accept the “The Still Water’s Flow” Quest from Tsuyuko.

Reaching Dainichi Mikoshi and unlocking the ability to manually change the day/night cycle is vital for this quest but also many more in the area. Switching to Evernight(Night) will reveal the Shades of Tokoyo, which are basically ghosts that offer you quests.

lotus eater quest

Start Quest

To begin the quest you must first trigger Supada no Hiko, the NPC offering the quest. To achieve this, you will have to solve a simple puzzle. Right below the Western Teleport Waypoint of The Serpent’s Heart you can find the entrance to a secret area.

lotus eater quest
Secret Area Entrance

Go inside and activate the puzzle on the wall. Use the gate to travel on the surface, inside the temple with the five symbols. You must be in Evernight mode to solve the puzzle.

Pass through the symbols in the right order, as shown in the picture above, to solve the puzzle and the NPC will appear. He will ask you to help him remember who he is. Search around, read the Ancient Stone Tablet nearby and talk to him again.

Find the Children

He will now ask you to find where the children are hidden. Switch to Whitenight and go to the Narrows. You will now have to solve another puzzle to open the door.

lotus eater quest

Hit the mechanisms until the three lanterns get in the right position. You can see their right positions in the picture above. The door will open and you can now enter. Change to Evernight and talk to the afterimage inside. If you loot the chest behind it you will get the “Secret Room Key” that you can use later.

Go to the designated area and get the Waters of Lethe.

Dragonbone Orb

Now that you have the Waters of Lethe go to the Dragonbone Flower in The Serpent’s Bowels. Use the Waters and wait until next day. Return the next day to obtain the Dragonborne Orb and complete the quest.

You can sell the Orb at any souvenir shop.

Secret Room

Now that you have the Secret Room Key, you can access the Secret Room in Enkanomiya. The room is located on the Southern part of The Narrows, West from the Teleport Waypoint.

Use the key and open the door.

There is a puzzle you need to solve before you can proceed. While in Evernight climb up and switch to Whitenight. Go to the second mechanism and switch back to Evernight. Activate the mechanism that opens the door nearby and switch back to Whitenight.

Go to the first mechanism and switch to Evernight again. Get into the room nearby, get the glow and switch back to Whitenight. With the glow effect on you approach and use the Triangular mechanism on the other side of the room.

Switch back to Evernight and activate the puzzle.

Before you leave the area, proceed further ahead and loot the Precious Chest in there.

Now go back to The Seprent’s Heart and solve the puzzle. Defeat the three Ruin Guards that will spawn and loot the Luxurious Chest to complete the challenge.

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