lost ark closed beta

Lost Ark Closed Beta

The Closed Beta for this highly anticipated MMORPG has been announced along with details for its Cash shop. Lost Ark is a popular Korean MMORPG that is coming to West by Amazon Games. Originally the game was planned to release this Fall but after a technical Alpha, its release date was pushed back.

Lost Ark is now expected to release sometime early next Year. But you do not have to wait for months to test it! The Closed Beta for Lost Ark is coming soon.

The Closed Beta will start on November 4th at 9AM PT (4PM UTC), and will run until November 11 at 11:59AM PT (6:59PM UTC) with servers in North America and Europe.

The focus of this Beta will be on the technical aspects of the game such as server stability, tech integrations, and large scale bug testing.

If you wish to participate you can by purchasing a Founder’s Pack(guaranteed entry) or signing up as a tester here and hoping for the best! The Beta will be available in North America and Europe and testers can share their content, since there will not be an NDA.

You can find more info regarding gameplay and the available content during this Beta here.

lost ark closed beta

Cash Shop

Lost Ark is a completely Free to Play game with an in-game store for cosmetic items and items of convenience. Pets that auto loot or items that allow you to access your storage while in the field are given as an example of convenience items!

Additionally players will have access to Mari’s Secret Store and the game will also feature a player-to-player trading post.

Amazon Games have revealed their plans for the in-game store. To make sure that it does not going down the P2W route, all available items will be available to acquire by playing the game. Most items can be purchased with Crystals, which players can acquire by trading gold at a player-run exchange.

Pets will have their auto loot feature active by default so everyone can benefit from it. Regarding the Crystalline Aura, premium Service, they have reconstructed it to offer fair and optional benefits while avoiding potential p2w advantages.

The game has four currencies in total:

  • Royal Crystals. Buy with real money, used for Crystal packages, Cosmetics etc
  • Crystals. Buy with Gold, earn from Quests, acquire with Royal Crystals. Main Currency to acquire in-game items
  • Gold. Earn by playing the game, used for consumables, gear and reforging gear
  • Silver. Earn through most game progression activities. Used to acquire common materials, repair gear, travel, purchase items from vendors

During the Closed Beta, players will receive 40000 Royal Crystals to test the system. When the Beta ends, the Crystals and everything bought with them will be removed.

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