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Lost Ark Class Guide

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Lost Ark is finally coming to the West on February 11th! One of the best features it has to offer is its available Classes with their unique identity and play style. The Western Release will feature fewer classes but more will come in the future.

Classes in Lost Ark are gender locked and offer further specialization with multiple sub-class options. Some are ranged focused while other are best in close combat. This Lost Ark Class Guide will present the different options each Class has to offer and help you pick the one that fits your preferred play-style!

lost ark class guide

Lost Ark Classes

At the moment there are five Classes available in the Western version of Lost Ark. These are:

  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Martial Artist
  • Gunner
  • Assassin

All of them offer multiple sub-classes, called Advanced Classes, to choose from that further enhance their play-style and allow you to follow different paths in the game.

The Classes are gender locked, which means that if you want to play a female or male character you will have to pick a Class that supports this.


The Warrior is a male Sword-wielding class that shines in close combat. Based on its advanced class, a warrior can be an excellent damage dealer or a strong tank. The Warrior’s advanced classes are:

  • Berserker
  • Gunlancer
  • Paladin

The Berserker wields a huge greatsword and hits enemies hard! His attacks build up rage that allows him to hit even harder, move faster and execute enemies with powerful attacks.

The Gunlancer is a sturdy Tank class that can generate stamina while in combat to shield himself and allies. A slow moving class that can take a beating.

The Paladin is a support class that can buff and heal allies. While in combat, the Paladin builds up faith, that allows him to use special skills.

lost ark class guide


The Mage is a female class that can deal strong elemental damage or support her group with its skills based on the advanced class you have chosen. The Mage offers two advanced classes:

  • Sorcerer
  • Bard

The Sorcerer deals massive elemental damage and has several AOE skills that can destroy groups of enemies fast. The class is focusing on the elements of Fire, Ice and Lightning to her enemies and clear content faster.

A great class to choose if you enjoy striking foes from afar. Need to be careful though since she is squishy.

The Bard on the other hand is a support character that can heal, buff and provide shields to allies. Important class for group gameplay that can keep your entire party alive.

lost ark class guide

Martial Artist

Martial Artists deal damage with their fists and kicks and they are a lot of fun to play! This class offers four advanced classes, three female and one male!

  • Wardancer
  • Scrapper
  • Soulfist
  • Striker(Male)

The Wardancer has insane mobility that allows her to move in and out of combat fast. She can charge up elemental damage to use in powerful attacks. Her mobility makes her fun to play but also deadly in most scenarios.

The Scrapper has high mobility like the Wardancer but is a bit tankier. What makes her unique is the two resources she has to use when casting a skill. Consuming one resource generates the other so a bit of balancing and practice is required to use her properly.

The Soulfist on the other hand offers both melee and ranged skills. More of a burst damage class that needs to wait for the right moment to use her strongest attacks. Harder to master than the other two.

Finally, the Striker is the male advanced class of the Martial Artist and is quite similar to the Wardancer. His damage output is slightly better at the cost of survivability and damage reduction.


The Gunner is a ranged class with four unique advanced classes to choose from. A male mostly class with one only female advanced class. The opposite from the Martial Artist.

  • Sharpshooter
  • Deadeye
  • Artillerist
  • Gunslinger(Female)

The Sharpshooter is using the Bow as his weapon. He has strong ranged attacks but is basically a glass cannon. Stay away from enemies to dish out damage and survive. He can summon a Hawk to assist with damage. Good option for Solo oriented players.

The Deadeye on the other hand is using firearms as its weapons. He can switch between handguns, a rifle and a shotgun to deal massive damage with their skills. Flexible class that can deal strong AOE or single target damage based on the weapon you are using.

The Gunslinger is the female version of the Deadeye. She can use the same three weapons and deal strong AOE or single target damage.

The Artillerist can carry heavy weapons and dish out massive damage. His major drawback is his slow mobility. He can transform into a turret but relies on allies to keep enemies away long enough to deal his burst damage.

lost ark class guide


Finally the Assassin offers two female advanced classes that are deadly in close combat.

  • Deathblade
  • Shadowhunter

The Deathblade is focusing on melee combat and can deal massive damage to enemies around her. A great beginner class since it has a little bit of everything to offer. Good damage, mobility and survivability.

She can store up charges that allow her to move and attack faster.

The Shadowhunter offers both melee and ranged attacks. She can transform briefly into a demon, which allows her to survive easier and hit enemies harder.

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