ley line overflow event

Ley Line Overflow Event

The Ley Line Overflow Event returns to Genshin Impact as the last event of the 2.0 version! A limited time event that allows players to earn double rewards when completing Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation challenges.

The event starts on August 23 and will run until August 30. To participate, all a player has to do is revitalize a Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation.

Gameplay & Limits

This event is a great way for players to earn some extra Mora or highly sought after Character Upgrading Materials. However the amount of extra rewards you can get is limited. By completing a Blossom of Wealth or a Blossom of Revelation challenge and using Original Resin to gain its rewards, you will receive double the output.

You can only receive the double reward three (3) times every day though during the event!

Despite its limitations, this event is still a great way for players to get important materials and mora. Necessary items for leveling up your characters!

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