legend of the vagabond sword event

Legend of the Vagabond Sword Event

Legend of the Vagabond Sword is one of the new events of the Genshin Impact 1.6 Update. A combat based event, that pits you against strong Boss type enemies of various difficulty and special combat effects.

The event begins on June 25th and will continue until July 8th. Every player at Adventure Rank 20 and above can participate.

Event Gameplay

Every day a new challenge will become available and on the seventh day all challenge stages will be unlocked. You can choose to fight the enemies alone or with the help of your friends in co-op mode.

In total there are three main enemies you must defeat, to accumulate points and unlock rewards. These are the Revived Primo Geovishap, the Hateful Oceanid and the new Maguu Kenki boss in the form of a dual challenge.

Different characters have special bonuses when fighting the enemies so it will be wise to have them in your party.

legend of the vagabond sword event

Combat Effects & Difficulty

Before each challenge you will be able to choose the difficulty level and add special combat effects, called Flairs. The difficulty and the type of the chosen flairs will affect your points upon completion. Every time you clear a challenge for the first time you will also earn Primogems.

The goal of the event is to gather as many points as possible and unlock better rewards. To achieve this, it is possible to repeat the challenge as many times as you like. Your total score is the sum of your high score from every stage.

Event Rewards

Like always during the event you will have the opportunity to earn Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials. If you manage to reach the score of 21000 you can also unlock the event’s exclusive namecard “Celebration: Battlesong”.

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