invitation of windblume

Invitation of Winblume Event

Invitation of Windblume is the main event of Genshin Impact 1.4 version. The event will focus on the City of Mondstadt and will offer players the opportunity to receive several rewards, like primogems, upgrading materials, mora as well as a Unique Weapon, the Windblume Ode Bow.

The Event begins on March 19 and will continue until April 5th. The Event’s shop will remain active until April 12th. In order to participate, players must have reached Adventure Rank 20 and complete the Archon QuestPrologue: Act IIISong of the Dragon and Freedom“.

Festive Anecdotes & Challenges

This event is very similar in design to the Lantern Rite Event of the 1.3 version. It consists of four separate Acts that will unlock in specific dates and add new quests each for players to complete. The four Acts of the Invitation of Winblume Event are:

  • Act I: Ode to Flower and Cloud, starting on March 19th
  • Act II: Missive of Cloud and Fog, starting on March 22nd
  • Act III: Realm of Fog and Wind, starting on March 25th
  • Act IV: Dream of Wind and Flowers, starting on March 28th
invitation of windblume

A new storyline quest will become available to players with each one of the four Acts as well as Residents’ Commissions, additional quests that offer rewards.

During each Act, players can also complete various Festive challenges for additional rewards, including Festive Tour Tickets. Festive Tour Tickets is a special currency you can use at the Event Shop to buy various items, like Crown of Insight, talent materials and more.

There are three types of challenges that you can try to complete during the event.

  • Bullseye Balloons
  • Floral Freefall
  • Ballads of Breeze

Bullseye Balloons is a timed challenge where you have to shoot Balloons as fast as possible. Follow the instructions on the event page to find Bullseye Balloons event billboards and shoot the Balloons to earn points. Different Ballon types have different effects and will affect your score.

Floral Freefall is a glide competition. Follow the instructions to find the specific event billboards. Your goal is to collect Flower Balls while gliding in order to collect points. Different Flower Balls award you with different points.

Ballads of Breeze is a music based challenge. You can start this challenge from the event page. Follow the rhythm to earn points.

Challenges will have a single player and a co-op mode in which you can try to defeat your friends.

Peculiar Wonderland

The Peculiar Wonderland is another important aspect of the Invitation to Windblume Event. To unlock it you must first complete the Peculiar Wonderland Quest.

By completing challenges and Trials in the Peculiar Wonderland, you earn Peculiar Collab Coupons. You can later exchange those in the Event Shop for several items, including the unique Windblume Ode Bow.

Every round of the Peculiar Wonderland consists of three random challenges and a Trial. By completing challenges you earn Facundity, which you can use to activate up to three Blessings. These Blessings will help you complete the Trial faster.

Completing the challenges and the Trial grants you Peculiar Collab Coupons.

Peculiar Conqueror Tasks are special challenges that unlock every time a new Act goes live. Completing those will reward you with Primogems and other items.

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