shakkei pavilion

Shakkei Pavilion

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The Shakkei Pavilion is a new Domain in Inazuma. The Domain is hidden, inside a mountain at the South Part of the Island. To reveal its location and unlock the Domain, you will have to use one of the Kamuijima Cannons in the area. These Cannons are also important for completing the Tatara Tales World Quest.

Kamuijima Cannon

You can find the right Cannon to use, on a small island East of Tatarasuma, as seen on the map. In order to use the Cannon, you must first activate it with Electrogranum.

Once the Cannon is activated, point to the direction of the Domain and shoot. A part of the mountain will collapse and the Domain Entrance will appear. Travel there and open the gate to enter the Domain.

shakkei pavilion

Domain Info

The recommended Elements for the Domain are Pyro, Electro, Cryo and Anemo. When inside, more around to find and collect Amulets so you can unlock the Final Boss Area.

For the first completion you will earn Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials and a piece of the Shimenawa’s Reminiscense Artifact Set.

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