palace in a pool domain

Palace in a Pool Domain

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Palace in a Pool is a locked Domain, located in the Northeastern part of Watatsumi Island. The domain is hidden inside a pool of water, as its name implies and to unlock it you will have to solve a few interesting puzzles in the area.

The first time you complete the Domain, you get Primogems, Mora, Upgrading materials as rewards as well as Electro Sigils to use on the Sacred Sakura Tree and a piece from the Shimenawa’s Reminiscence Artifact Set.

The recommended Elements to complete the Domain are Pyro, Electro, Cryo and Anemo.

palace in a pool domain


In total there are two sets of puzzles you must solve in order to unlock the Domain. The first set is locate around the pool while the second underground.

First Set of Puzzles

The first set of puzzles is a combination of Lightning Strike Probes and Electro Pillars found around the pool. Use the electrogranum nearby to attract the probes and align them towards the pillars in front of them. Once all four probes are aligned, the pillars will be unlocked.

You can interact with the statue in the area and change the formation of Thunder Spheres above the pool, to move faster around.

Attack the four Pillars with an Electro attack to activate them. Once all four are activated the water will drop at a lower level and reveal the upper part of the Domain’s entrance. You can jump down there now and swim inside the new area.

Second Set of Puzzles

The second set of puzzles can be found underground. First of all swim until you find an opening on the ceiling. Climb up, defeat the enemies and activate the three keys on the wall to open the door.

In the next room, climb up and activate the mechanism to drain the rest of the water and Unlock the Domain. You can now enter and complete the domain. You will also earn the “Palace in a Pool” achievement.

But there are more treasures inside the ruin, including an Electroculus and a Luxurious Chest!

Luxurious Chest

When the water is drained, more rooms will unlock underground and new puzzles will appear. Completing these new puzzles will guide you to a room with an Electroculus and a Luxurious chest.

Go down the stairs and get into the room on the right side of the passage. Open the door to the left and defeat the enemy inside. There are two inactive Electro pillars in there. Two more pillars can be found outside of the room towards the end of the path. Interact with the statue to release an Electro seelie. The seelie will show you in which order you need to activate the pillars.

With the electro effect from the seelie also attract the probe and align it towards the other locked room. Get the electrogranum nearby and climb through the window in the area.

Align the second probe towards the room and the doors will unlock.

Rotate the Phase Gate inside to activate it, grab electrogranum again and jump through it. It will teleport you to a new room with an Electro seal. Pass through it with the electrogranum, climb up the wall and you will find the Luxurious Chest, the Electroculus and an Enigmatic Page.