formation estate

Formation Estate

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Formation Estate is one of the hidden Domains in Inazuma, that players have to unlock before they can complete them! The Domain is located on the Southern part of Yoshioka Island close to the Jakotsu Mine.

formation estate

To unlock the Domain, you must solve a very simple puzzle in the area. Light with fire the four torches nearby to unlock the mechanism. The problem is that the extreme weather in the area will not allow you to do this.

So it is necessary to restore the Narukami Pillar responsible for the area, which is part of the Orobachi’s Legacy World Quest. Once you have repaired the Ward in the area, you can light up the Torches and activate the mechanism. This will reveal the Domain’s entrance and allow you to complete it.

Domain Details

The recommended Elements for the Domain are Pyro, Electro, Cryo and Anemo. A Domain with simple gameplay that asks you to defeat ten opponents only.

For the first completion you will earn Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials and a piece of the Shimenawa’s Reminiscense Artifact Set.

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