empty boat of a thousand gates

Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates

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The Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates is a new domain in Inazuma. The domain is underwater and you will have to reach it through the secret passage in Araumi area. Araumi in general is an important area for the World Quests, Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual and The Farmer’s Treasure.

To access the area you will need the Memento Lens, which you can get during the Sacrificial Offering Quest.

Araumi entrance

To unlock the mechanism in the area of Araumi, activate the four Electro Pillars. Climb into the ruined tower and use the Memento Lens in the small Kitsune Statues, to reveal three switches. Press them to open the door.

Once you gain access to the underground area and purify the Shrine, go to the left room and solve the Cube puzzle. Hit the bottom left cube once, the upper right twice and the bottom left cube one more time to solve it.

This will drain the water and reveal a passage in the area. Jump down and swim until you find stairs. On the top of the stairs there is a pile of dirt where you can find one of the Stone Slates for The Farmer’s Treasure Quest.

Another Cube puzzle is in the same room. Hit the middle cube twice to solve it. This will further drain the water and reveal another door outside. Get into the door and follow the path to the Teleport Waypoint. One more Stone Slate can be found here, in a vase near a sunk ship.

Continue down the path to find the Perpetual Mechanical Array Boss and a locked room with the entrance to the new Domain.

Domain Unlock Puzzles

You can fight the Perpetual Mechanical Array if you wish but it is not necessary to unlock the Domain. Go to the room on the upper right part of the cavern, where you can find two puzzles.

The first puzzle will unlock the door to the second room and puzzle. Completing the second puzzle will spawn a Luxurious chest and reveal the Domain entrance.

Completing the puzzles is rather easy. Just walk on the tiles in a circular way(step on each tile once, start from the external tiles).

The recommended Elements for the Domain are Pyro, Electro, Cryo and Anemo. Inside the Domain, move walls around to reveal paths and collect three amulets. Bring the amulets to the right wall to get to the Boss area.

A Duo of strong Samurai-like Bosses are waiting for you there. Defeat them to complete the domain and receive its rewards.