new world server transfer

New World Server Transfer

New World players are eagerly waiting for the ability to transfer their characters to a new Server. This new feature is not ready yet though, because of some edge cases not meeting developers’ standards according to the latest update on the official New World forums.

Server Transfers are necessary to further balance the game and create a better experience for players that want to “escape” a high population or one-sided already server.

While the feature is still under construction and testing we do know the process a player must follow to transfer a character!

How to transfer your Character

Before you can transfer a character, there are a few tasks to complete. First of all log into the game with the character you wish to transfer, visit the in-game store and its new tab “World Transfer“.

new world server transfer

When the feature is ready, you can find here a free server transfer token. Obviously additional server transfers will require you to buy those tokens.

Before you can transfer, leave from your company, remove any active Trading Post sell or buy orders and be located in a Sanctuary(settlement or outpost).

Only when you meet all the above requirements you can transfer to another server.

Items to bring with you

Logically players will want to transfer their characters along with their items, resources and gold so they can have a smooth transition to their new server. When you complete the server transfer you can bring with you your progression(level, weapon masteries etc), Faction Alliance and progress, inventory and storage, currency, Houses and Housing decorations, all quest progress. So basically everything that matters!

There are a few other items that you can not bring with you. Cannot transfer Company membership since you need to leave your company before transferring, Sell and Buy orders which you have to cancel before and your friends list since it is server specific.

Where can you move

Now that you know what you can bring with you, you need to know where you can transfer to!

You cannot transfer to a full world, to a world in maintenance or to a world set that you have an existing character in already.

Also you cannot transfer from one region to another. So if your character is in US East you cannot transfer to US West. This is because each region is a separate database and it is not possible to re-assign a character to a different region.

If you decide after the transfer that you want to transfer again into another server, an additional server free token will be required.

The first token is free but any additional will need to be purchased from the in-game store. The transition from free to paid tokens will be announced by the developers ahead of time. If there is a need for another wave of free transfers they will also release an announcement.

This new feature is expected to go live next week.