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The Catch Genshin Impact

The Catch is a strong 4-Star Polearm in Genshin Impact that players can get through Fishing! At the moment The Catch is one of the best options for Polearm wielding characters, like the Raiden Shogun or Xiangling. You can get the weapon from Kujirai Momiji of the Inazuma Fishing Association, found right outside Inazuma City.

In order to get the weapon, you have to catch a certain amount of specific fish and exchange them for it with Kujirai Momiji. Likewise, you can acquire the necessary refining materials(Ako’s Sake Vessel) to maximize the weapon’s potential. So basically The Catch is a weapon you can get and refine for free, simply by fishing in the game. This makes it a perfect option for every type of player, including pure f2p ones. The Catch boosts Energy Recharge and its Shanty skill increases Elemental Burst Damage and Elemental Burst Crit Rate at Refinement Rank 1. A powerful Elemental Burst based weapon that complements appropriate builds.

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Fish Required to Get The Catch in Genshin Impact

The only way to get the Catch is through Fishing! To start catching fish you will have to unlock this new system. First you must have unlocked the Housing, Serenitea Pot system. The other requirement is to complete the quest “Exploding Population“. Once both of these requirements have been met, you can start fishing!

In order to get The Catch from Kujirai Momiji you will have to catch six(6) Raimei Angelfish, twenty(20) Golden Koi and twenty(20) Rusty Koi. Once you have all the required fish you can exchange them for The Catch. You can now start working on refining the weapon to maximize its potential.

the catch genshin

From the same NPC, you can also get Ako’s Sake Vessel and refine the Polearm by one rank up to the maximum Rank five. Each Ako’s Sake Vessel will require three(3) Raimei Angelfish, ten(10) Pufferfish and ten(10) Bitter Pufferfish. So to refine The Catch to the maximum rank you will need in total fifteen(15) Raimei Angelfish, fifty(50) Pufferfish and fifty(50) Bitter Pufferfish.

the catch genshin

Each one of these fish types can be found in different locations around the map and requires a different bait. You can buy all bait recipes from Nantuck of the Mondstadt Fishing Association. You will need three(3) Medaka Fish for each recipe. You can catch the Fish required for The Catch with the starter Fishing Rod or you even can use the Moonstringer fishing rod (Lunar Realm event reward), if you have it.

Fishing Locations

Almost all of the fish required for The Catch are easy to find around Inazuma, Liyue and Mondstadt. Only the Raimei Angelfish is slightly harder.

Raimei Angelfish

You can find this type of fish East of Tatarasuna, to the Shipwreck in the area. The Angelfish appear at night and you will need False Worms bait to catch those. There are a few enemies in the area you need to defeat first, in order to fish with peace. Cryo slimes and an Electro Abyss Mage that are somewhat annoying to kill because of the shock damage on the water.

Golden & Rusty Koi

The other two required fish types to get the weapon are Golden Koi and Rusty Koi. There are several locations around the map where you can get those. They require the Fake Fly bait. Here is where you can find them:

  • Near the Statue of the Seven in Seirai island
  • East of Mondstadt
  • Stormbearer Mountains
  • Around the Wangshu Inn
  • Luhua Pool

Pufferfish & Bitter Pufferfish

Pufferfish and Bitter Pufferfish are required to refine The Catch to its maximum Rank. You can find those in various areas around Inazuma, Liyue and Mondstadt as well. They also require the Fake Fly Bait. Here is where you can find them:

  • Seirai Island, East of the Statue of the seven and the Koi fishing spot
  • Next to the Ritou’s Teleport Waypoint
  • North of Nazuchi Beach, Kannazuka(Bitter Pufferfish)
  • South of Mondstadt, near the Springvale Teleport waypoint
  • East of Liyue Harbor
  • Southwest of Dawn Winery
  • Northeast of Qingce Village(Bitter Pufferfish)

Once you have all the necessary fish you can exchange them for The Catch and refine it to the maximum Rank in Genshin Impact!

Builds that use The Catch

These are some Builds that can use The Catch:

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