summer character outfits genshin

Summer Character Outfits Genshin

The Genshin Impact 1.6 version introduces alternative character outfits for the first time to the game! Two new Character Outfits are available with this update with more probably coming later in the future.

The outfits will allow players to alter the appearance of Jean and Barbara, two beloved characters in Genshin Impact. As expected they fit the theme of the event which is focusing on Midsummer adventures.

Once you acquire the new outfits, you can choose to equip those instead of the characters’ traditional outfits.

The two new Outfits are the “Sea Breeze Dandelion” for Jean and the “Summertime Sparkle” for Barbara.

summer character outfits genshin

Sea Breeze Dandelion

The Sea Breeze Dandelion is the new alternative outfit for Jean that you can acquire through the Character Outfit Shop for a time limited discount at 1350 Genesis Crystals. The discount begins with the release of the 1.6 version and will last until July 19th!

After the discount ends, the price of the outfit will be 1680 Genesis Crystals. You can only purchase the outfit once!

echoing tales event genshin

Summertime Sparkle

Summertime Sparkle is the new alternative Outfit for Barbara that you can obtain for free through the Echoing Tales 1.6 Event! During the event, collect enough Echoing Conches(24) to unlock the Outfit for Barbara.

After the end of version 1.6, the Outfit will be available for purchase in the Character Outfit Shop for 1680 Genesis Crystals.

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