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Hamayumi Genshin

The Hamayumi is a 4-Star Crafted Bow in Genshin Impact, that you can get in the Inazuma area. In order to acquire its blueprint you will have first to find and exchange three Mysterious Conches with the Takashi NPC. Takashi can be found North of the Tatarasuma area in the Kannazuka region, Inazuma. He is standing in front of a building, collecting Mysterious Conches.

Mysterious Conch in Genshin Impact

Search the area nearby to find a special item called Mysterious Conch. By giving three of those to Takashi, he will allow you to open one of the three chests behind him. You can only do this once per day. One of the random rewards from the chests is the Hamayumi Forging Blueprint. To actually obtain the blueprint, you will have to repeat this action seven times. By getting the Blueprint, you also earn the achievement “Thank You, Come Again“.

Hamayumi Materials & Stats

To craft Hamayumi you will need one Northlander Bow Billet, fifty(50) Amethyst Lumps and fifty(50) White Iron Chunks. Amethyst Lump is a unique ore that can be found in the area of Inazuma. You can acquire them by exploring the islands of the zone.

hamayumi genshin

Hamayumi Bow Stats

Hamayumi boosts your ATK Stat and its Full Draw skill has the following effect: Increases Normal Attack DMG by 16% and Charged Attack DMG by 12%. When the equipping character’s energy reaches 100%, this effect is increased by 100%.

Builds that can use this Weapon are: