genshin impact wishful drops

Genshin Impact Wishful Drops

The Wishful Drops Event is giving players the opportunity to earn another new Pet, a mini Oceanid Pet this time! Similarly to the Lost Riches Event of Genshin Impact 1.2, you can equip a gadget, complete certain tasks and get your own Oceanid Pet.

The Event begins on April 9th and continues until April 16th. Anyone at Adventure Rank 20 and above is eligible for the event.

Wishful Drops Event

To participate you have first to complete the “Life Flows on (I)” Quest. By completing the quest, you earn the event-limited gadget “Inquisitive Endora“. The gadget is necessary to capture Oceanid creatures in designated Exploration areas(five in total) that will unlock gradually during the event.

You can equip and summon “Inquisitive Endora” in those specific areas. The gadget will not work anywhere else. When Endora is equipped, your Elemental skill is replaced with its Bubble Spit ability. You can switch between the skills if you want to.

Bubble Spit traps Oceanid creatures so Endora can absorb them and increase the area’s exploration progress. Freezing creatures with cryo can help you capture them faster.

genshin impact wishful drops

You must capture the creatures to increase exploration progress, not defeat them.

When you fully complete exploration in an area, you earn a “Heart of the Spring“.

Rhodeia’s Rage Challenge

Rhodeia’s Rage is a special challenge that will be added during the event to the Oceanid’s arena. Players can choose which version they wish to fight. When starting the challenge, random characters will get a boost to Hydro resistance and energy recharge. Rhodeia will also use new attacks.

You can use the “Fitful Rapids” that will appear in the arena, to avoid her attacks.

When you complete the challenge you can use a “Heart of the Spring” or Original Resin to obtain Character EXP Materials and other rewards.

Event Rewards

During the Event you can earn Primogems, Mora and Upgrading Materials. Once you have fully explored all five areas you will unlock the “Life Flows on (II)” quest.

Complete this quest to earn Endora, the mini Oeanid Pet!