genshin impact windtrace event

Genshin Impact Windtrace Event

Windtrace is one of the new events in the Genshin Impact 1.5 version. The Event, begins today, May 14 and will run until May 24th. Every player at Adventure 20 and above can participate. You can talk to Gygax NPC, in Mondstadt to start the event.

Windtrace is basically a player versus player hide and seek type of event, where a “hunter” player is trying to find and catch the “Rebels”. This event is available only as a co-op mode since it requires four players to work properly.

Windtrace Gameplay Details

During the event, players are divided in two groups, Hunter and Rebels. The goal of the Hunter is to find and catch all rebels while Rebels will try to remain hidden until the time runs out in order to win.

Combat talents are replaced by Windward Arts that can help Hunters and Rebels to achieve their goals. Each category of players has different arts they can use.

Rebels’ Windward Arts include:

  • Disguise – Disguise as one of the objects in the area
  • Lay Bait – Place a bait to confuse the hunter
  • Transparency – Become hidden temporarily
  • Starstep – Increase movement speed(requires the use of a Secret Favor. Favors descent upon the area at random during a game)

Hunters have their own set of Windward Arts which includes:

  • Sensor Aura – Scouts an area and gets a notification if a rebel is hiding in there
  • Mysterious Hunch – Show the direction in which the Rebels can be found
  • Capture – Dispels a rebel’s disguise and captures them
  • Imprisoning Curse – dispels a rebel’s disguise and restrains them for a time. During that time rebels can not leave the area(requires the use of a Secret Favor. Favors descent upon the area at random during a game)
  • Insight – Replaces Elemental Burst. It dispels the disguise of all rebels and marks their location on minimap while showing the position of nearby rebels on the scene with a pillar of light.(Requires Favors)
  • Hunter’s Intuition – Randomly dispels the disguise of one rebel and marks their location on the minimap for a long period of time. If the target is nearby, their location will be marked by a pillar of light.(Requires Favors)

Event Rewards & Contested Zones

By participating in the event you can earn Windtrace Coins. You can exchange those coins with various rewards such as Primogems, Mora, Upgrading Materials, a new namecard and more.

You can only carry up to 1200 coins the first day of the event. This number will increase by 600 per day, up to a maximum of 4800 coins. You can only earn Windtrace Coins while playing with a random co-op party. No coins are rewarded to custom co-op parties to avoid cheating with friends.

Finally the hunt is taking place in one of several Contested Zones, that is randomly chosen. To be able to play in every area you will have to unlock the Statue of the Seven located there. You cannot play in a Contested Zone that you have not unlocked its Statue of the Seven.