genshin impact theater mechanicus

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus

Theater Mechanicus is a special mini-game, part of the Lantern Rite Event. A Tower Defense Strategy game basically where players try to defeat waves of enemies with the help of various mechanici. The mini-game is available from February 10th until February 28th and players that wish to participate must have reached Adventure Rank 23 and have completed The Origin of the Lanterns and Liyue: Theater Mechanicus Quests first.

Theater Mechanicus Details

The goal of this mini-game is to defeat waves of monster that are passing through, with the help of mechanici. Players can setup defenses at predetermined positions during the construction phase. During this phase you can see the routes monsters will follow and plan your strategy accordingly. Constructing Mechanici costs Veneficus Sigils. You can earn those when you complete challenges successfully.

There is a time limit when placing defenses but you can start the challenge early if you are ready. The mini-game is available for solo and co-op gameplay. But in co-op only two players can participate. Players cannot attack monsters but can apply elemental effects to them. Monsters cannot attack players either.

Theater Mechanicus consists of six stages and eight difficulty levels. Every stage unlocks new mechanici and raises the limit of Veneficus Sigils you can earn. Also the harder the difficulty, the better the overall rewards.

To start a challenge, a Xiao Lantern is necessary. Xiao Lanterns are special Event craftable items, required for Theater Mechanicus but also for Lantern Rite Tales requests. When you complete the event quest The Origin of the Lanterns you can learn their recipe.

Mechanici and Mystic Arts

When you complete a challenge, you earn Veneficus Sigils. You can then use those sigils to unlock new mechanici and upgrade them. In every stage there are also special, interactive features that a player can activate in order to defeat monsters. These features have a cooldown, so timing is important.

There are a few available quests related to Theater Mechanicus that you can complete in order to also earn Peace Talismans, the event’s currency. You can check the challenge progress to see the current wave number, the challenge’s objectives, the number of mechanici built and more info about the specific challenge.

As you progress the Lantern Rite event’s Festive meter, you can also unlock new stages, challenges, mechanici and more.

Mystic Arts

Every time you defeat a wave, you can also choose a Mystic Art for the stage. Mystic Arts can introduce various new effects to the stage and assist you in completing the challenge successfully.

Some of the additional effects include more Veneficus Points, increase the number of available mechanici or enhance them, increase the difficulty of the next wave for better rewards.

You can check the type of enemies for every wave any time and decide which Mystic Arts will be better to use.

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Based on the challenges completed and the difficulty of the stage, players earn Veneficus Sigils but also Peace Talismans.

Veneficus Sigils can be used to unlock new mechanici and upgrade them in the armory so they can be more effective for future stages and challenges.

Peace Talismans can be used in the Xiao Market, available from February 10th until March 7th to unlock a new namecard style, Primogems, mora, upgrading materials and a 4-Star Liyue character!

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