genshin impact step right up

Genshin Impact Step Right Up

Step Right Up is an achievement you can complete in Enkanomiya, Inazuma, that will reward you with a Precious Chest as well. You can get the required task from Akashi, an afterimage. Before you can find Akashi however, you must first advance the main story line of Enkanomiya and reach the Dainichi Mikoshi, at the center of the map.

To enter Enkanomiya you must first complete the “The Moon-Bathed Deep” Quest in Watatsumi Island and accept the “The Still Water’s Flow” Quest from Tsuyuko.

Reaching Dainichi Mikoshi and unlocking the ability to manually change the day/night cycle is vital for this achievement. Switching to Evernight(Night) will reveal the Shades of Tokoyo, which are basically ghosts that offer you quests and tasks.

genshin impact step right up

Akashi’s Location

While in Evernight go to Evernight Temple. You can find Akashi near the Southern Teleport Waypoint. Talk to him to receive his Archery request. The task is to stand in the designated spot and hit with your Bow the dome across the map. A quite easy task.

Once you hit the dome, talk to Akashi to unlock the Achievement and spawn a Precious Chest.

genshin impact step right up

A very short and easy achievement that should take less than a minute to complete!

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