genshin impact 1.2 sheer cold

Sheer Cold in Genshin Impact

Sheer Cold is a special environmental condition that players can experience when exploring very cold areas(Subzero Climate), like Dragonspine. As you explore such areas, Sheer Cold will start accumulate until it reaches its max level. When that happens, your character will start losing Health gradually. Certain conditions, like swimming or traveling through a snowstorm will accelerate the effect’s accumulation.

This mechanic adds an interesting aspect to exploration in Genshin Impact and can make things more difficult and challenging for you. Especially if you are fighting enemies while Sheer Cold is high or at its maximum level. Thankfully there are a few ways to battle this effect and keep yourself warm while exploring.

How to Survive Sheer Cold in Genshin Impact

There are several ways to survive the Sheer Cold effect. Some are available to you from the very beginning while others you will have to unlock.

Use World Objects

You can get close to camp fire and braziers found along your exploration trip to reduce Sheer Cold. You can even light them yourself as long as you have a Fire based character in your party, like Amber or Xiangling. Teleport Points and Statue of the Seven can also warm you up.

Scarlet Quartz

Scarlet Quartz is a unique type of mineral found in the area of Dragonspine. By breaking and collecting it you reduce Sheer Cold and become momentarily immune to the effect. While you are under Scarlet Quartz’s influence you can also destroy peculiar ice that is otherwise indestructible. Under peculiar ice you can find chests and other rewards.

Warming Seelie

Warming Seelie is a type of Seelie you can find in the area of Dragonspine. Like normal Seelie, when you get close to them they will guide you to a point of interest nearby and reward you with a chest. When you get close to them however, you can also warm yourself(hence the name!) and reduce your Sheer Cold meter, as well as become immune to the effect.

Special Food and Items

There are also a few items you can craft or cook that can help you fight Sheer Cold. When you complete the area quest “Ah, Fresh Meat!” you get a cooking recipe for Goulash. This food reduces the rate by which you accumulate Sheer Cold, allowing you to explore cold areas with ease. Warming Bottle is an item you can create to fight Sheer Cold but it is not available right away. To get its forging blueprint you must first level up the Frostbearing Tree to level 4, which can take some time.

genshin impact 1.2 sheer cold

Festering Desire Sword

Festering Desire is a sword in Genshin Impact that can also help you fight Sheer Cold! A character equipped with this Sword, will accumulate Sheer Cold at a slower rate. This is one of the Sword’s special abilities that is not however available from the moment you get it. To obtain the Sword you have first to complete the story quest “Princeps Cretaceus Chapter: Act I” and the Event Quest “Festering Desire”. To unlock its special abilities you also have to complete various tasks while exploring Dragonspine.

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