salacia plain hydroculus puzzle

Salacia Plain Hydroculus Puzzle

This guide will show you how to solve the Salacia Plain Hydroculus Puzzle in Fontaine area, in Genshin Impact! While you explore underwater in the Salacia Plain area, you will find a locked building with a Hydroculus inside. The Building is located right in front of the Opera Epiclese on the map, underwater! To unlock the Building all you have to do is unlock the two devices in front of it and interact with them.

salacia plain hydroculus puzzle

How to Solve the Salacia Plain Hydroculus Puzzle in Genshin Impact

The two devices in front of the building are locked and you cannot interact with them. To unlock them, all you have to do is put the two Spheres nearby in the appropriate rings. To achieve this, you must stop the flow of water that is preventing them. First interact with the switch on the rocks left of the building to stop the water flow. Then absorb the ability of the crabs nearby and shatter with it the rock underneath the first Sphere. This will allow the first Sphere to enter its ring and unlock one of the devices. You can interact with that device now.

Head to the Second Sphere’s location and use the ability you have absorbed on the fissure. The flow of water will stop and the second Sphere will enter its ring as well. You can now interact with the second device and unlock the building. Enter the building to collect the Hydroculus but also loot the Precious Chest that is sitting inside!

salacia plain hydroculus puzzle

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