genshin impact overflowing mastery

Genshin Impact Overflowing Mastery

The Overflowing Mastery Event allows players in Genshin Impact 1.5, to earn double rewards from Talent Domains. The event is very similar to Ley Line Overflow, only this time it works for Talent Level up Materials.

Overflowing Mastery begins on May 31st and will continue until June 7th. Any player that has activated Talent Level-Up Material Domains can participate.

genshin impact overflowing mastery

Event Details

While the event is live, you can earn double the rewards from the two Talent Level-up Domains in Genshin Impact. At the end of the domain, when you spend Original Resin to earn your rewards, you receive double the output.

The Talent Level-up Domains are Forsaken Rift and Taishan Mansion. Like with Ley Line Overflow, you cannot receive unlimited Double Rewards. There are only three(3) opportunities to gain double rewards from the two Domains every day.

Despite this limit, the event is a great way to receive additional level up materials and upgrade the Talents of your favorite characters.