genshin impact lantern rite

Genshin Impact Lantern Rite

Lantern Rite is the main event and highlight of the 1.3 version in Genshin Impact. The event begins on February 10th and continues until February 28th. Players that wish to participate must have reached Adventure Rank 23 and completed the Chapter I: Act I “Of the Land amidst Monolith” quest as well as Xiao’s Story quest “Alatus Chapter”.

The event itself is divided in four sections, each with its unique gameplay and rewards. The sections are:

  • All that Glitters
  • Theater Mechanicus
  • Xiao Market
  • Stand by Me

All that Glitters

By completing Xiao’s story quest you unlock the All that Glitters section of the event and its own unique quests. These quests are divided in three different acts:

  • The origin of the Lanterns, from February 10th until February 28th
  • Currents Deep Beneath from February 14th until February 28th
  • Light Upon the Sea from February 18th until February 28th

These three story lines will reward you with Primogems, Mora, upgrading materials and more.

When you complete the first story line, The Origin of the Lanterns, you also unlock the Lantern Rite Tales. These are basically requests from the citizens of Liyue that can again reward you with Primogems, Mora and other items. When completing this type of request you progress the Festive Meter.

The Festive Meter consists of the stages “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “Guests Flock From Afar,” and “Glow of a Thousand Lanterns.” Each stage unlocks new requests, Theater Mechanicus challenges and rewards.

Theater Mechanicus

Theater Mechanicus is a special mini-game inside the Lantern Rite Event. Basically a Tower Defense strategy game where players try to complete different challenges and earn Peace Talismans. Theater Mechanicus begins on February 10th and continues until February 28th.

You can participate in the mini-game by talking to Ruijin NPC and completing The Origin of the Lanterns and Liyue: Theater Mechanicus quests. The goal of the game is to setup defenses and defeat waves of enemies trying to pass through with the help of mechanici. Players cannot attack monsters but they can apply elemental effects to them. Monsters cannot attack players either.

There are a few available quests related to Theater Mechanicus that you can complete in order to earn Peace Talismans, the event’s currency. When completing challenges you also earn Veneficus Sigils that can be used to unlock and upgrade more mechanici. Progressing the Festive Meter unlocks new challenges, stages, mechanici and more aspects of the mini-game.

The Theater Mechanicus mini-game is available for solo and co-op gameplay. In co-op gameplay however, only two players can participate. Every time you start a challenge a Xiao Lantern is consumed. Xiao Lantern is a special event craftable item that in order to learn its recipe you must first complete The Origin of the Lanterns quest. Xiao Lanterns are also used to complete Lantern Rite Tales requests.

Xiao Market

The Xiao Market is where you can exchange Peace Talismans for various rewards, like Upgrading Materials, Mora, a new namecard style and more. The xiao market also consists of three stages that offer different rewards:

  • Stage 1 from February 10th until March 7th
  • Stage 2 from February 14th until March 7th
  • Stage 3 from February 18th until March 7th

Stand by Me

Finally with Stand by Me you have the chance to earn one 4-Star Liyue character for free. You will need 1000 Peace Talismans and must have progressed the Festive Meter to the”Glow of a Thousand Lanterns” stage. The available 4-Star characters are:

  • Xiangling, Pyro
  • Xinyan, Pyro
  • Beidou, Electro
  • Ningguang, Geo
  • Xingqiu, Hydro
  • Chongyun, Cryo

You can only claim one of these characters.