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Jean Support Build

Jean is a 5-Star Sword wielding character in Genshin Impact, that can offer valuable support to your party! She can deal strong Anemo damage, crowd control enemies and heal your party at the same time. Jean is a flexible Anemo based character that can work well as Support or even DPS! This Genshin Impact Jean Build Guide will focus on the role of Support.

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Weapon for Jean Support Build in Genshin Impact

Jean can deal strong Anemo damage but also heal your party with her Elemental Burst! Her heal scales with her ATK Stat which makes it easy to build her as an Anemo DPS/Support hybrid. The Primordial Jade Cutter is an excellent weapon for Jean, since it boosts Crit Rate, HP and ATK based on HP!

primordial jade cutter

Other great weapons you can use include:

Artifacts for Jean Support Build in Genshin Impact

The Viridescent Venerer is a great option for Jean, since it can boost Anemo Damage, Swirl Damage and reduce Anemo Resistance of enemies. Other good alternative Sets you can use include Noblesse ObligeGladiator’s Finale, Maiden BelovedOcean-Hued Clam.

genshin impact jean build

Our desired Stats for Artifacts are:

  • ATK%
  • Anemo DMG Bonus
  • Energy Recharge

Skills for Jean Support Build in Genshin Impact

Jean’s Normal attack is called Favonius Bladework and its effects are:

  • Normal Attack: Performs up to 5 consecutive strikes.
  • Charged Attack: Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to launch an enemy using the power of wind. Launched enemies will slowly fall to the ground.
  • Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AOE DMG upon impact.

Her Elemental Skill, Gale Blade, can launch away enemies while dealing good Anemo damage but can also pull enemies when holding it. This gives to Jean some crowd control capabilities and will help your party against larger groups.

Jean’s Elemental Burst, Dandelion Breeze, summons a field that deals Anemo damage but also heals all party members. The heal scales with Jean’s Attack.

Best Party Members for Jean Support Build in Genshin Impact

Jean can work well with DPS and Support characters based on the play style you are following. Venti, Barbara, Zhongli, Bennett can all work well with her. Fischl and Xiangling work well as Sub DPS in a party with Jean as well.

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