genshin Impact frostbearing tree

Genshin Impact Frostbearing Tree

The Frostbearing Tree is a special Tree found in the zone of Dragonspine, that you can level up in order to claim unique rewards. To level up the tree you need a special item called Crimson Agate, that can be found only in this area.

How to Unlock the Frostbearing Tree in Genshin Impact

Before you can start leveling up the Frostbearing Tree, you must first “unlock” it. The tree is located in the North-East part of the Dragonspine area and in order to get it to appear you have to destroy the Frost Shard, that is floating in the area. To destroy the Shard, collect Scarlet Quartz that you can find nearby and hit it until it is destroyed. This should take around four hits. Only then the Frostbearing Tree will appear and you can start leveling it up.

Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact

Crimson Agate is the “resource” required to level up the Tree. A certain amount of this resource needs to be offered in order to gain a new level. Crimson Agate can be found in the Dragonspine zone and works similarly to Oculi.

When you are near a Crimson Agate, a symbol will appear on the mini-map. Collecting and offering enough of those will allow you to claim the Tree’s rewards. Once you get the Tree to level 8, you will also unlock the Crimson Wish Quests. These Quests reward Crimson Agate and will refresh every Monday and Friday until the Frostbearing Tree reaches its maximum level.

What are the Frostbearing Tree Rewards in Genshin Impact

The Frostbearing Tree has twelve levels that offer various rewards. These can be Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, Mora, upgrade materials, a Catalyst Weapon (Frostbearer), a Namecard, a Wing Glider and more.

By unlocking the level 4 rewards you can gain access to the Warming Bottle Blueprint! This item will help you fight Sheer Cold in the area and allow you to collect Crimson Agate easier!

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