flowing purity

Flowing Purity

Flowing Purity is a 4-Star, Crafted Catalyst in Genshin Impact that you can get in the Fontaine area. This is one of the five crafted weapons you can get in Fontaine by completing specific tasks. Flowing Purity is a Catalyst that boosts Elemental Damage and creates a Bond of Life that further boosts Elemental Damage!

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Fontaine Crafted Weapons in Genshin Impact

There are five Crafted Weapons you can get in the Fontaine area, in Genshin Impact. These are:

To obtain their Diagrams and learn how to craft them, you will have to offer a number of specific materials to Estelle, the Fontaine Blacksmith. You can find Estelle on the first floor of Court of Fontaine, main city.

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Once you have the appropriate materials you can get the diagram of your choice and craft the weapon.

How to Get Flowing Purity Crafting Diagram in Genshin Impact

To obtain the diagram for the Catalyst you need to first gather a few materials. These are:

  • Tidalga x10
  • Marcotte x10
  • Condessence Crystal x10

They are all easy to find by exploring the Fontaine area. You can find Tidalga underwater, Marcotte is a plant you can gather while traveling and Condessence Crystal is an Ore unique to the area, that you can find near mountains or underwater!

flowing purity

Once you have all required materials, return to Estelle and exchange them for the weapon’s Diagram. Use the diagram to learn how to craft the weapon.

Flowing Purity Crafting Materials in Genshin Impact

When you learn how to craft the weapon, talk to Estelle to actually craft it. The Materials you will need to create it are:

  • Midlander Catalyst Billet x1
  • Condessence Crystal x50
  • White Iron Chunk x50

You can find the Midlander Catalyst Billet from Sumeru and Fontaine Trounce Domains, Condessence Crystal by exploring the Fontaine area and White Iron Chunk in various locations!

flowing purity

Flowing Purity Weapon Stats in Genshin Impact

Flowing Purity is a Catalyst that boosts Elemental Damage and creates a Bond of Life that further boosts Elemental Damage! Its special effect is called Unfinished Matserpiece: When using an Elemental Skill, All Elemental DMG Bonus will be increased by 8% for 15s and a Bond of Life worth 24% of Max HP will be granted. This effect can be triggered once every 10s. When the Bond of Life is cleared, every 1000 HP cleared in the process will provide 2% All Elemental DMG Bonus, up to a maximum of 12%. This effect lasts 15s. A great Catalyst to use when you wish to increase your character’s Elemental Damage!

Builds that use this Weapon:

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