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Berrypuff Genshin Impact

Berrypuff the Blubberbeast is a special Seal you can find in the Fontaine area in Genshin Impact. When you encounter it you can feed it and trigger a series of time gated quests, that will eventually reward you with the “Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution” hidden achievement! There is no prerequisite to unlock Berrypuff and the series of quests, all you have to do is find the right location.

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Where to find Berrypuff in Genshin Impact

Berrypuff is located inside a locked Building underwater in the Fontaine area. You can find the Building on the Southern part of the “Chemin de L’Espoir” underwater area near the shore, as shown on the map below.

berrypuff genshin

How to Unlock Berrypuff in Genshin Impact

To unlock the Building you need to solve a simple puzzle first. The goal is to use the Ousia Block on the Pneuma towers in the right order. Activate the Conch in front of the building to see what the right order is. Then use the Ousia block to the towers to unlock it.

Unlocking the Building will also spawn an Exquisite Chest for you to loot. Now you can enter the Building and find Berrypuff the Seal.

Berrypuff Quests in Genshin Impact

Read the notes in the first room and enter the second area to find Berrypuff the Blubberbeast. Feed Berrypuff with fish to begin the Quests series. Its Health Value is low, so you will have to feed Berrypuff a few more times, until it recovers. You need to feed Berrypuff four more times before its health value is fully recovered.

You cannot feed Berrypuff immediately though. You will have to wait at least seven hours between meals. So in total it will take you at least 28 hours to complete the quests, as long as you feed Berrypuff every 7 hours.

The second time you return to Berrypuff you will have to save another Seal nearby from being trapped. Absorb the ability of the creature nearby and use it to free the other Seal. After that you can feed Berrypuff.

berrypuff genshin

The Third and Fourth times you return to Berrypuff you will have to defeat a few Meka outside first before you can feed it. Absorb the ability of a creature nearby and use it to defeat them!

berrypuff genshin

The Fifth and final time you will visit Berrypuff its Health Value will be restored and it will be all grown up. Berrypuff will leave the building but leave something behind. Enter the Building one more time and dig at the designated spot. A Luxurious Chest will spawn and when you loot it you will also unlock the “Blubby, Chubby, Creative Evolution” achievement!

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