genshin impact 2.8

Genshin Impact 2.8

The new version of Genshin Impact is right around the corner, bringing new characters, events and a beloved area back! The Golden Apple Archipelago will be available again in Genshin Impact 2.8 for players to explore!

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Genshin Impact 2.8 Release Date

Following the game’s release cycle, the 2.8 version is planned to release on July 13th, 2022! The new update will bring one new Character, three Character re runs and a few interesting events!

2.8 Characters

Shinkanoin Heizou is the new character of Genshin Impact in the new version. A 4-Star Anemo character, wielding a catalyst. Heizou features an interesting unarmed-like combat style never seen before in the game!

Along with Heizou, Kazuha, Klee and Yoimiya will have a re run! Kazuha and Klee banners will become available with the release of the update(Phase 1) while Yoimiya’s banner will be available during Phase 2.

Heizou will be featured in Kazuha’s and Klee’s banners.

genshin impact 2.8


Summertime Odyssey is the main event of the new version! The event will take us back to the updated from last year Golden Apple Archipelago, to explore the area and solve puzzles! By completing tasks for the event you will also be able to acquire Fischl for free!

Evermotion Mechanical Painting is a puzzle solving event.

Resonating Visions event will have you collect conches to learn more about the Archipelago’s story. Collecting enough conches will also unlock a new outfit for Fischl!

Reminiscent Regimen is a co-op exclusive event while Hidden Strife is a special event where you get the chance to test Diluc‘s new outfit! This is the first 5-Star outfit of the game that also alters the effects of Diluc’s skills!

The Outfit will be available for purchase from the shop.

Sumeru is coming!

During the 2.8 version livestream, Sumeru was also teased! Sumeru is the next continent that is coming to Genshin Impact and home to Dendro characters! Sumeru will be available with version 3.0!

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