genshin impact 2.4 features

Genshin Impact 2.4 Features

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Genshin Impact 2.4 introduces new characters, weapons and enemies to the game. One more new area, Enkanomiya, will also make its debut to Genshin Impact with the upcoming update.

The update is expected to be released on January 5th, 2022 and will bring along several new or returning events. These are the main Genshin Impact 2.4 Features!


Two brand new characters will become available in Genshin Impact 2.4, Shenhe and Yun-Jin. Both of them are support focused.

Shenhe is a 5-Star, Polearm-wielding character with Cryo based attacks. She can enhance other characters’ attacks with Cryo and reduce enemies’ Cryo and Physical resistances.

Yun-Jin on the other hand is a 4-Star Geo support character, wielding also a Polearm. She can boost Normal attacks of active characters and is best used in a party with different Elemental Types of characters.

genshin impact 2.4 features

The 2.4 update will also bring back several beloved characters for a rerun. Xiao, Zhongli and Ganyu are returning during the update.

Xiao‘s banner will be available during the first phase along with Shenhe‘s banner. Yun-Jin will be available in both banners as a 4-star character.

Zhongli and Ganyu will be available during phase two with their own separate banners.

Speaking of characters, new Hangout Events will also become available in the new update. This time players will have the opportunity to spend more time with Ningguang and Yun-Jin!

Enkanomiya & New Enemies

Enkanomiya is a new area coming to Genshin Impact with version 2.4! An underwater, Inazuma region, found right beneath Watatsumi Island! We first got a hint regarding Enkanomiya in the “Moon-Bathed Deep” World Quest, in Watatsumi Island.

genshin impact 2.4 features

You will have to complete this quest before you can enter Enkanomiya in 2.4 version!

A unique area with its own rules, enemies and challenges. Enkanomiya will feature a manual switch of the Day and Night cycle, that will be vital for solving puzzles around the area.

A few new enemies will make their appearance in this new area as well.

Bathysmal Vishaps is a new type of Vishaps that has evolved in Enkanomiya. This area is also home of a strong Pyro Abyss Lector!

Weapons & Outfits

The only new weapon we know so far is the Calamity Queller, 5-Star Polearm, which is supposed to be Shenhe‘s signature weapon.

Two new outfits will become available in the new update! One for Ningguang and one for Keqing.

genshin impact 2.4 features

You can get Ningguang‘s Outfit for free by participating in the new Lantern Rite event. Keqing‘s outfit will be available as a limited-time offer, when the update goes live and until February 14th!


There are several upcoming events in the new version, both new and returning ones!

The main event of Genshin Impact 2.4 is of course the Lantern Rite Event. It will feature different phases and allow you to earn Ningguang‘s Outfit as well as a Liyue 4-Star character of your choice for free!

Other Events in the 2.4 version include:

  • Windtrace rerun
  • A Study in Potions New Alchemy based event
  • Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas New event.

Other Features

A few other changes include:

  • Spiral Abyss display Interface optimizations
  • Ability to customize the Shortcut Wheel
  • Optimized Display of Map Interface
  • Better Interface for Crafting and Forging
  • New Furnishing items and options for the Serenitea Pot
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