genshin impact 2.2 features

Genshin Impact 2.2 Features

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The 2.2 version brings several new features to Genshin Impact, including a new character and a new area! The update is set to release on October 13th, right after the end of Kokomi‘s banner.

New additions to the Serenitea Pot, Housing System, will also expand this aspect of the game and introduce new items and opportunities.

Tsurumi Island

Version 2.2 expands Inazuma by adding the sixth island of this area. Tsurumi Island is waiting players to explore and discover new treasures and puzzles to solve. A mysterious region, covered in dense fog, that expands gameplay for players!

Several new puzzles can be found in the new island along with a new type of chest, rewarding furnishing blueprints!

genshin impact 2.2 features

New Character & Reruns

Version 2.2 will only introduce a new 4-Star Character, Thoma, but will also see the rerun of two very beloved 5-Star characters, Hu Tao and Childe!

Thoma is a 4-Star, Polearm-wielding, Pyro character, focusing on group support. Thoma will be available along with Hu Tao during the second wish banner in 2.2. Childe will be available the moment the new version goes live!

genshin impact 2.2 features

Hangout Events

Hangout events are returning with the Series III part. This time players can hangout with Thoma and Sayu!

New Weapons

Four new weapons will also make their appearance in the new version. One 5-Star and three 4-Star. The new weapons are:

  • Polar Star, 5-Star Bow
  • Akuoumaru, 4-Star Claymore
  • Wavebreaker’s Fin, 4-Star Polearm
  • Mouun’s Moon, 4-Star Bow
genshin impact 2.2 features

New Events

What is a new Genshin Impact update without cool events! Five new events will go live during the 2.2 version, offering various rewards, like Primogems, Mora and upgrading materials as well as Xinyan, a 4-Star Pyro character, for free!

The Events are:

  • Labyrinth Warriors
  • Shadow of the Ancients
  • Tuned to the World’s Sounds
  • Dreams of Bloom
  • Ley Line Overflow

Labyrinth Warriors is a combat based event, taking place inside a special domain, in Inazuma. Players will have to deploy two parties to fight off enemies inside the domain in a similar way to the Spiral Abyss.

Completing tasks during the event will allow you to also earn Xinyan for free!

Shadow of the Ancients will take place in Tsurumi Island and will have you investigate a special Ruin Grader with the help of a scholar from Sumeru!

Tuned to the World’s Sounds is another rhythm event where players will have the chance to play music along with other characters.

Dreams of Bloom is a Serenitea Pot related event, where you can earn seeds to grow beautiful flowers and decorate your realms with them. The event also offers new furnishings to place in your house. It is possible to gift the flowers to friends!

Finally Ley Line Overflow returns to assist us all with leveling our new characters since it will allow us to earn double rewards from Blossoms of Wealth and Blossoms of Revelation three times every day.

Housing Upgrades

The Serenitea Pot/Housing System is getting updated with a brand new Housing Realm, the Silken Courtyard! Players can unlock this new Inazuma-styled Realm by leveling up Sacred Sakura’s Favor to level 40!

Remarkable Chests, found in the new Tsurumi Island will also drop furnishing blueprints now. A new Floating Platform type of furnishing is also being added to the game. Floating rocks basically, that you can decorate with anything you want.

Other features

Other Features in version 2.2 include the expansion of maximum artifacts we can carry in our inventory and the introduction of a new type of enemy.

The maximum number of Artifacts stored in our inventory is getting increased from one thousand(1000) to one thousand five hundred(1500). This change will make it slightly easier to farm artifacts for our characters.

Finally a new type of enemy will make its appearance in Tsurumi Island! A wolf-like creature, called Rifthound, coming in two variations, the Rockfond Rifthound and the Thundercraven Rifthound!

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