genshin impact 1.3 events

Genshin Impact 1.3 Events

The Release of Genshin Impact 1.3 Update, “All that Glitters”, brings several new features and changes to the game. New character and Weapon Banners, adjustments to zhongli and the Geo element in general but also several new and very interesting Events!

The theme of this new version is quite festive and is focusing on the city of Liyue. As expected the main event of the 1.3 Update, “Lantern Rite” but also almost everything new coming to the game will be related to Liyue and its unique culture.

The 1.3 version’s goal is to celebrate the coming of the New Year and to give players various rewards through its events. Primogems, upgrading materials, a new namecard are some of the new events rewards. During the 1.3 version and the Lantern Rite Event, players will also have the unique chance to get a 4-Star Liyue character for free!

So these are the Genshin Impact 1.3 Events, their timeline and the actions you have to do to earn their rewards:

Lantern Rite

The main event of the 1.3 version and the highlight of the coming month! The Event begins on February 10th and will continue until February 28th. During the Lantern Rite, a special market, called Xiao Market will be available from February 10th until March 7th. Here you can exchange “Peace Talismans” for various rewards, including a new namecard style “Celebration: Lantern-Light“.

Players at Adventure Rank 23 and above can participate in this event but only after they have completed the Xiao’s Story Quest, “Alatus Chapter”. The story quest will be available from February 10th and the prerequisites for it are:

  • Adventure Rank 23
  • Having completed the Chapter I: Act I “Of the Land amidst Monoliths”

Lantern Rite will be divided in stages and players have to complete citizens quests(Lantern Rite Tales I, II, III)to earn rewards, progress the Festive Fever level and unlock more. The stages are as follows:

  • The Origin of the Lanterns, available from February 10th until February 28th
  • Current Deep Beneath the Lanterns, available from February 14th until February 28th
  • Light Upon the Sea, available from February 18th until February 28th

Theater Mechanicus

Theater Mechanicus is a special mini-event inside the Lantern Rite Event that will reward you with “Peace Talisman”, the currency necessary for Xiao Market. It is basically a tower defense strategy game for solo or parties of two only.

To participate in this event you have to complete the quests “The Origin of the Lanterns” and Liyue: Theater Mechanicus. You must also have Xiao Lanterns, special craftable items! Every attempt at the Theater Mechanicus costs 1 Xiao Lantern.

By progressing the Festive Fever level you can unlock more maps, mechanici, challenges, higher upgrade and difficulty levels.

Xiao Market

The special market available during the Event. This is where you can exchange the Peace Talismans you earn from Theater Mechanicus for various rewards, like character level up materials, upgrading materials and more. Xiao Market consists of three stages, I, II and III that will be available from February 10th, 14th, 18th respectively until March 7th.

Stand by Me

Stand by Me is a special event that allows players to choose and obtain one Liyue character for free! You must first reach the Festive Fever level “Glow of a Thousand Lanterns” and have 1000 Peace Talismans collected before you can get your free character.

The available 4-Star Liyue characters to choose from are:

  • Xiangling, Pyro
  • Xinyan, Pyro
  • Beidou, Electro
  • Ningguang, Geo
  • Xingqiu, Hydro
  • Chongyun, Cryo

Players can only claim one of these characters.

Five Flushes of Fortune

A photography event! This event starts with the release of the 1.3 update and will continue until February 10th. To participate, players must have reached Adventure Rank 20 and complete the “Kurious Kamera” Quest from the Ji Tong NPC.

You must take pictures of specific targets to obtain photos of different colors. Collect photos of five different colors and exchange them for a Fortune Trove to gain Primogems, upgrading materials and more.

After the end of the event, Ji Tong will have additional tasks that require the Kurious Kamera gadget, to offer you.

Ley Line Overflow

The event most of you are waiting for! During this event you can earn double rewards from completing Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation challenges. The event will start on February 26th and continue until March 5th.

You can receive the double rewards from completing a Blossom of Wealth or Blossom of Revelation challenge only three times every day!

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