genshin impact 1.2 events

Genshin Impact 1.2 Events

The release of Update 1.2 brings to Genshin Impact a brand new zone, new characters, weapons, artifacts and more. This new version of the game also introduces a number of new Events that will unlock gradually and offer players the opportunity to earn unique rewards.

At the moment there are four known Events that will keep players entertained until the end of January 2021 with more possibly coming later. After all, Genshin Impact is a game with frequent events that offer various rewards.

These are the Events of the 1.2 version:

The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, December 23 – January 6

The Chalk Prince and the Dragon is the event that started with the release of the 1.2 Update and will continue until January 6th. The Event offers a unique(event exclusive) weapon, called Festering Desire. Festering Desire is a Sword with special abilities that you can unlock by completing specific tasks.

New phases(four in total) of the event will unlock gradually and by completing their objectives you can unlock the weapons’ special abilities.

During the event, you can also buy upgrading materials and other useful items from the event’s shop.

Lost Riches, January 8 – January 18

Lost Riches is a treasure hunting event that will also introduce a new type of treasure-Seeking Seelie. The Event will last until January 18th and will offer a Pet Seelie as its unique reward.

Hypostatic Symphony, January 16 – January 31

Hypostatic Symphony will pit players against Elemental Hypostases type of Enemies. These enemies are expected to be more challenging than the special Bosses with the same name, found around Teyvat. They will probably feature a different set of abilities and attacks to make it harder to defeat them. But also more rewarding.

Marvelous Merchandise, January 23 – January 30

The Marvelous Merchandise Event returns to Teyvat. Like before, players will have to follow hints in order to find Liben, the event’s special Merchant. By completing his requests(usually find and give him a certain amount of an item) players can choose to unlock one of his special boxes and claim its rewards.

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