precious chest seelie puzzle fontaine

Precious Chest Seelie Puzzle Fontaine

This guide will show you how to solve the Precious Chest Seelie Puzzle in Fontaine area, near the Beryl Region Teleport Waypoint! By solving the puzzle you will also unlock a second Luxurious chest! You can find the puzzle on the Southern area of Fontaine, near the Romaritime Harbor.

precious chest seelie puzzle fontaine

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How to Solve the Precious Chest Seelie puzzle in Fontaine

Solving this puzzle is rather easy! All you have to do is find three Seelie and guide them back to the chest. Near the locked chest there are three ruins. Each ruin is hiding a Seelie! To make your life easier and be able to move freely, first defeat the enemies around the Chest.

Where to Find the First Seelie

For the first Seelie head to the ruin with the Pneuma and Ousia towers in front of its gate. The Seelie is trapped behind, so you will have to free it. Climb on the top of the tower and fight the enemies there. They will drop an Ousia and a Pneuma Orb. Pick one up and attack the tower of the opposite color! If you pick up the Ousia Orb, attack the Pneuma Tower. Do the same with the other Orb and the gate will open. You can now guide the Seelie to the chest.

Where to Find the Second Seelie

The second Seelie is inside the Ruin behind the chest. The gate is open but when you get closer it shuts down. Climb on top of the ruin and jump inside! This will open the gate and allow you to guide the Seelie back to the chest.

Where to Find the Third Seelie

The third Seelie is on the last ruin but on the upper floor. The Seelie is trapped inside a room with a floor gate surrounded by three Hydro Pillars. First defeat the enemies nearby, then collect three water orbs you can find in the area.

When you get three orbs, they will create a water ring around you. Stand in the middle of the Hydro pillars to activate them. This will open the gate and allow you to guide the Seelie back.

precious chest seelie puzzle fontaine

With all three Seelie in their place, the Chest is now unlocked and you can loot it!

How to Get the Luxurious Chest

When you loot the Precious chest, it will disappear and a water mechanic will appear in its place. Interact with it to jump to a platform higher. There are three platforms in total. Jump to the higher one, to find a Luxurious Chest.

precious chest seelie puzzle fontaine

You can now loot the Luxurious Chest and enjoy the view!

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