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Fate of a Fighter Quest

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Fate of a Fighter is a World Quest in Nazuchi Beach, between Yashiori and Kannazuka areas of Inazuma. This is a hidden quest that you can unlock by completing the Archon Quest, Act II Chapter II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow. After completing this quest an NPC, named Inaba Kyuuzou, will appear on the shipwreck on Nazuchi Beach.

To get the quest you will have to visit the area. Completing the Fate of a Fighter Quest, also unlocks the “Oh, the Humanity” Achievement.

Start Quest

To begin the quest, visit Nazuchi Beach after completing Act II Chapter II: Stillness, the Sublimation of Shadow. You will find then Inaba Kyuuzou on top of the shipwreck on the beach.

Inaba is besieged by enemies and in need of assistance. Defeat the enemies and talk to him.

fate of a fighter quest

He will then ask you to clear a Pirate Camp. Go to the designated area on the map, defeat the enemies there and return to Inaba. After reporting to him, he will ask you to give him twelve(12) Naku Weeds. You can find those in areas with high Electro compensation, like the Seirai island.

Return to Inaba and give him the Naku Weeds. Wait until 10:00 – 12:00 the next day to talk to him again. Talk to him again to complete the quest. You can complete however some additional tasks and unlock another part for this World Quest.

Hidden Quest Part

After you talk to Inaba, four groups of enemies(with four enemies each) will spawn around the Beach. If you defeat all four of them, you will be asked to report to Inaba for one more time.

fate of a fighter quest

Go to his location and read the text with his final words. After reading the text, visit the designated area to witness Inaba’s Fate.

Defeat the three enemies there to complete the quest and unlock the “Oh, the Humanity” Achievement.