energy amplifier initiation event

Energy Amplifier Initiation Event

Energy Amplifier Initiation is the first event of the 1.5 Update for Genshin Impact. The event offers generous rewards such as Primogems, Mora and upgrading materials as well as the opportunity to receive Diona for free!

The event begins on April 30 and will continue until May 17 while the special Event shop will run until May 24. Any player at adventure Rank 20 or above can participate.

Energy Amplifier Initiation Details

During the event, players can challenge Domains, Places of interest and the Twisted Realm in order to obtain the Fractured Fruit Data special currency. You can exchange Fractured Fruit Data at the Event’s Shop for various rewards like mora and upgrading materials. With 1000 Fractured Fruit Data you can also receive the Diona character for free. You can only get Diona once during the event.

Places of Interest

Defeating opponents in places of interest rewards players with Irminsul Fruit Fragments and Fractured Fruit Data. New places of interest will unlock gradually with each new Act of the event, three places per Act. Each Place of interest includes 3 locations.

Mutation Stones can be found in the area. These stones enhance nearby enemies and make it harder to defeat them. Focus on destroying those first. There can be one to three stones nearby, depending on the difficulty of the area.

There are three types of Irminsul Fruit Fragments you can get by clearing Places of Interest:

  • Fractured Fruit Bit
  • Fractured Fruit Fragment
  • Fractured Fruit Shard

You can equip the Irminsul Fruit Fragments you gather onto the Energy Amplifier to gain bonuses in event domains and the Twisted Realm. The Energy Amplifier is a special event gadget that can help you use the fragments to buff your group. Equipping Fragments and Shards to the Amplifier boosts your characters with specific buffs and will allow you to complete challenges faster.

The Amplifier has both solo and co-op configurations.

To equip fragments to the Amplifier, Motive Force is required. Your Motive Force depends on the total level of your characters.


Completing Domains during the event, also rewards you with Fractured Fruit Data. There will be one new Event Domain with each Act that can only be completed once.

Twisted Realm

The Twisted Realm is another aspect of this event. The Fractured Fruit Data you earn there, depend on your score in each challenge. By completing each Act’s Domain you can unlock new stages of the Twisted Realm and complete it for rewards.

Before each challenge you can choose the difficulty and certain conditions. The final score depends on that. It is possible to challenge the same stage several times, in order to achieve a higher score. Your total combined score is the sum of your high scores on all challenge stages and when it reaches a certain amount you can claim the appropriate reward.

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