energy amplifier fruition event

Energy Amplifier Fruition Event

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Hosseini returns to Genshin Impact 2.3 with his Energy Amplifier research! The Energy Amplifier Fruition Event brings new places of interest and challenges in the Deceitful Domain.

The Event begins on December 24th and will run until January 3rd. To participate, players must be Adventure Rank 20 or above.

energy amplifier fruition event

Event Details

Talk to Hosseini to begin the event and receive the Energy Amplifier. The event consists of different Acts that will unlock gradually as it progresses. The first step is to investigate places of interest around the map.

These places contain groups of enemies and Mutation Stones. The stones buff enemies making it harder to kill them. It is wise to deal with the stones first and kill the enemies after.

When you defeat the enemies, a chest will appear with various rewards.

By completing Hosseini’s quest “I, Researcher” you will get the Energy Amplifier and all types of Irminsul Fruit Fragments. Each fragment offers a different buff to your party. You can equip the fragments in the Energy Amplifier to activate the buffs as long as you can pay the Motive Force cost.

Again each fragment has a different cost you have to pay, depending on how strong it is.

energy amplifier fruition event

The initial Motive Force is relative to the total levels of all your characters. If you run out of Motive Force you can ask help from up to three of your friends to gain more.

Combining different fragments offers different buffs to your group and will help you fight different types of opponents in the Deceitful Domain. The Energy Amplifier offers a single player and a co-op configuration setup.

Deceitful Domain

This is the second part of the event and where you can use the Energy Amplifier. When you complete all Places of Interest for an area a different part of the Domain will unlock.

You can choose to increase the difficulty of the challenge and accumulate more points. You can also pick more options that will increase your points.

Every challenge has a different Ley Line Disorder and enemies. Picking the right buffs in the Energy Amplifier will make it easier to clear it.

You can challenge the same stage as many times as you want.

Event Rewards

The event offers various rewards for every different activity. Clearing Places of Interest rewards you with Primogems, Mora and upgrading materials. Clearing a Domain stage for the first time also rewards you with Primogems.

Finally depending on how high your Domain score is, you can unlock Mora and Upgrading Materials again.

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