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Diablo Immortal Elder Rift

Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal is one of the most fun and important activities in the game! Easy and fast to complete, Elder Rifts will assist you with getting experience and better gear for your characters and their Class!

Farming Elder Rifts is also the most reliable way to obtain Legendary Gems, powerful items that can enhance your characters in multiple ways!

This Diablo Immortal Elder Rift Guide will show you how they work, the rewards you can earn from them and the most efficient way to complete them!

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Unlock Elder Rifts

By following the main quest of the game you will eventually reach Westmarch. Once you reach this area, at around level 20, you will be asked to complete an Elder Rift Tutorial. After that, you can access and complete Elder Rifts whenever you want!

Elder Rifts are basically randomly generated dungeons with hordes of enemies inside. The enemies scale to your level so the gameplay is interesting and challenging at the same time.


By default every successful Elder Rift run rewards you with Experience, Fading Ember and a chance to drop a Legendary Item.

You can then use Fading Ember to buy runes and craft Legendary Gems. This makes farming Elder Rifts an important part of your Daily Routine in Diablo Immortal!

It is possible to enhance the rifts rewards by using Rare or Legendary Crests!

diablo immortal elder rift


Adding a Crest to an Elder Ring run, adds modifiers to the dungeon but also enhances rewards! Adding Crests is also necessary to earn Legendary Gems! Runes will now also drop when you complete the Rift.

Rare Crests give you a chance to earn a Legendary Gem while Legendary Crests guarantee a Legendary Gem drop! You can buy Rare and Legendary(limited per month) Crests with Hilts from the Hilts Trader in Westmarch. Alternatively you can buy Crests from the cash shop with real money. You will also get one Rare Crest every day by simply interacting with the Elder Rift!

Modifiers alter the way a dungeon and the enemies inside work. A modifier can be positive or negative for the players. The more Crests you add the more modifiers you get! Also the rewards will be better!

While you can complete Elder Rifts without adding Crests, it is recommended to always add at least one! Like this you can drop Legendary Gems but also earn more Runes and Fading Embers. Items that will help you craft Legendary Gems later!

Elder Rift Strategy

Elder Rifts are full of enemies! By killing those enemies you fill the progress bar of the Rift on the upper left corner of the screen, right below your profile. When the bar is filled, a Rift Guardian Boss enemy will appear. Defeating the Boss will spawn a chest with your rewards. Defeating the Boss within the time limit will also provide additional rewards.

Just because the rift is full of enemies, that does not mean that you have to kill everything around! The goal of Elder Rifts is to finish them as fast as possible, collect the rewards and move on. Normally it should take around two to four minutes to complete an Elder Rift.

The best way to achieve this is to ignore most normal enemies and focus on killing Elite(Blue color) and Rare(Yellow color) enemies only! When you kill this type of enemies, they will drop Rift Progress Orbs that will fill the progress bar faster!

diablo immortal elder rift

The Rift Guardian Boss will then appear. Defeat it and collect the rewards to complete the Elder Rift!

Group vs Solo Play

You can complete Elder Rifts Solo or with a group of other players. It is recommended to complete Rifts with a group of players whenever possible.

This is because of the extra modifiers you can earn from other players’ Crests but also the much better rewards for all group members!

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