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Diablo Immortal Challenge Rift

Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal are similar to Elder Rifts but harder to clear! Challenge Rifts offer various rewards, like crafting materials, currency and a chance to get Legendary Items and gems!

They also have Leaderboards for solo and multiplayer clears. This Diablo Immortal Challenge Rift Guide will show you how they work, the rewards you can earn from them and the most efficient way to complete them!

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How to Unlock Challenge Rifts

Like with Elder Rifts, you unlock Challenge Rifts once you reach Westmarch! At around level 20 you will have to complete a tutorial Challenge Rift. After that you can enter and try to complete Challenge Rifts any time!

They are randomly generated dungeons with hordes of enemies inside. The enemies do not scale with your level but get progressively harder with every new Rift you unlock! In total there are One Hundred(100) levels to unlock and clear.

It is normal to not be able to clear Challenge Rifts when you are new to the game and not very high in level or if you do not have the best gear. When that happens, focus on getting more levels and better items before trying again.


When you complete a Challenge Rift level for the first time you will earn Enigmatic Crystals, Scrap Materials, Experience and the chance to drop Legendary equipment!

You can also earn additional rewards for making it to the Solo or Multiplayer Leaderboards! Additionally you get some gold as a Daily Challenge Reward.

Challenge Rift Strategy

Challenge Rifts are full of enemies! By killing those enemies you fill the progress bar of the Rift on the upper left corner of the screen, right below your profile. When the bar is filled, a Rift Guardian Boss enemy will appear. Defeat the Boss within the time limit to earn your rewards.

Just because the rift is full of enemies, that does not mean that you have to kill everything around! The goal of Challenge Rifts is to finish them as fast as possible, collect the rewards and move on.

The best way to achieve this is to ignore most normal enemies and focus on killing Elite(Blue color) and Rare(Yellow color) enemies only! When you kill this type of enemies, they will drop Rift Progress Orbs that will fill the progress bar faster!

Rift Progress Orbs

The Rift Guardian Boss will then appear. Defeat it and collect the rewards to complete the Challenge Rift!

Group vs Solo Play

You can clear a Challenge Rift level Solo or with a group of other players. Both types of gameplay have their own Leaderboard, which can reward you with additional rewards.

Completing them alone or along with other players is entirely up to you!

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