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Diablo Immortal Bounties

Bounties in Diablo Immortal is a great source of experience and an important part of your Daily Routine! They are easy to complete and offer great rewards for the time it takes to complete them.

This Diablo Immortal Bounties Guide will help you understand how they work and how you can maximize your efficiency completing them.

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Bounties Overview

To unlock Bounties, you must first reach Westmarch. By following the main quest of the game you will eventually receive a quest from Quartermaster Derek. After you complete this quest, you can start accepting Bounties from the board in the palace courtyard.

You can accept four Bounties at the same time and up to eight bounties daily! The Bounties will stack up to twenty four, if you have not completed any for three days! There are two types of Bounties, Open World and Dungeon quests.

Open World have a Blue border around them while Dungeon Bounties have a green border. It is possible to reject and re roll a bounty, up to three times. You can and should do this in order to get quests in the same area, so you can complete them faster!

Maximum Bounties

Bounties are completed in normal difficulty, until you reach maximum level. At this point you have to complete them in Hell 1 Difficulty or higher.


Bounties are great for earning Experience and Gold. Especially if you can complete them fast and move onto another activity! They also give you a chance to earn Legendary items!

Completing Bounties offers Battle Pass points as well, which is a great way to level up and earn additional rewards. Finally by completing Bounties, you have a good chance to drop Monstrous Essences for your Bestiary!

To receive your rewards return to the Quartermaster in the Palace Courtyard. For every four Bounties you complete, you will also get a chest with more rewards!

Bounties Enemies

Bounties Strategy

Your goal when doing Bounties should be to complete them as fast as possible. To achieve this, re roll Bounties so you can get four in the same area! Open World Bounties are easier than Dungeon ones.

You can complete Bounties Solo or in a group with other players! When in a group, the Leader will pick Quests and share them with the group! It is faster to complete Bounties in a group, so it is recommended to do it this way!

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