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Blue Protocol Benchmark

The Blue Protocol Benchmark Software was released for free earlier today(March 1st 2023)! The Benchmark Software was released prior to the Network Test, so players can test their PC and see if they can run the game smoothly!

The Network Test was originally planned for mid January 2023 but it was delayed. An announcement for its new release date is expected around mid March! The Blue Protocol Benchmark allows players to test how good they can run the game before the Network Test is here but also gives access to the game’s Character Creator!

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Where to Get the Blue Protocol Benchmark?

You can download the Benchmark for free from the official website! The download size is around 5.3 GB. The Benchmark will measure the performance of your PC and inform you of how smoothly you can run the game! At the end of the Benchmark you should expect a Poor, Good, Excellent “grade”!

blue protocol benchmark

Blue Protocol Character Creator

The Blue Protocol Character Creator is also available to players so they can experiment! You can create a variety of characters and customize them in any way. You can choose to make a male or female character and then customize their facial characteristics, body and of course clothes!

blue protocol character creator
Character Creator

Some of the options you can adjust in the Creator include:

  • Body Type(height, weight)
  • Hair Style and Color
  • Skin, Eyes, Nose, Mouth
  • Optional Scars
  • Voice
  • Outfit and underwear
Hair and Color Selection

What is Blue Protocol?

Blue Protocol is a Free-to-Play Action MMORPG by Bandai Namco Studios. The game promises action-packed combat with a high level of customization for almost every aspect. From weapons and skills you can use to the mounts and cosmetics you can wear! Blue Protocol also promises flexibility when deciding how to play! You can dive into every Dungeon Solo or choose to play with other players for a greater challenge!

The game announced its Global Release in 2023, during The Games Award 2022! The Global release is scheduled for the second half of 2023 with a Closed Beta planned for the first half of the year! You can sign up for the Blue Protocol Closed Beta by following this link!

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