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MMOs offer vast, fascinating worlds to explore and an amazing journey to their players. Often require a significant time investment to progress but while playing them, you can meet other players and forge new friendships and relationships.

This is what makes the genre an one of a kind and why gamers keep flocking to them. Some MMOs are of course better than other with greater opportunities for fun and exciting adventures.

These are the Best MMO available now and a few great upcoming ones in 2022!

Best MMO 2021-2022

The following titles have helped define the genre and capture the imagination of players. Almost all of them are fantasy based, which shows how successful this sub genre of MMOs has been through the years.

Final Fantasy XIV

best mmo

Despite its bumpy launch back in the days, Final Fantasy XIV has grown beyond any expectations and is now one of the best, if not the best MMO around.

One of the main reasons for this success is the ability to experience everything with one only character. Final Fantasy offers a vast world to explore and some very challenging Dungeons to tackle with friends.

The latest expansion, Endwalker, further evolves the game with the addition of new jobs, race, locations, challenges and more.

Final Fantasy XIV has a subscription model with paid expansions but also offers a generous free trial. You can play the game for free up to level 60!

World of Warcraft

best mmo

After all these years and despite several controversies regarding its expansions and Blizzard itself, World of Warcraft is still on top of the competition. A vast magical world that redefined the genre and made MMOs more mainstream for players all over the globe!

World of Warcraft is big with several activities to perform. There is something for everyone, from hardcore raiding to relaxing exploration.

This is another subscription based MMO with paid expansions that also offers a free trial. You can play Wow for free up to level 20 before you have to decide if this is the game for you or not.

Elder Scrolls Online

best mmo

The online version of the Elder Scrolls series that is however very different and very successful! The Elder Scrolls Online offers a huge world to explore and some of the best voice over quests in the genre.

A game for every player with different levels of difficulty, depending on your personal preferences. You can roam around Solo from zone to zone completing quests and enjoying the rich story and beautiful environments. Or you can dive into hard Dungeons and Trials with friends, to chase achievements and valuable loot!

A very alt friendly game as well, since it is easy to create and level up alt characters.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a Buy to Play game with paid DLCs and Expansions. It also offers an optional subscription that unlocks more aspects of the game and gives access to new DLCs.

Guild Wars 2

best mmo

Another great option for players that enjoy adventuring Solo. Guild Wars 2 allows you to roam around freely, completing quests and exploring its world. At the same time you can join other players along your way, while they are fighting strong enemies or trying to complete events.

A more dynamic and alive world creates an one of a kind experience for every type of player.

Guild Wars 2 new expansion, End of Dragons, is also planned for release early in 2022. The expansion will add new locations, trait lines, mounts and professions, expanding the game and everything it offers.

Guild Wars 2 follows a free to play model with paid expansions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic focus on telling a great story as well. This makes it easier for players to play at their own pace and enjoy the game more. It is possible to play Swtor as a single player game that reminds a lot of the classic Knights of the Old Republic.

A new expansion called, Legacy of the Sith, is also coming on December 14th of 2021. The expansion will add new content and improve the overall player experience!

Swtor is a free to play title up to level 60, with an optional subscription. Free to Play players face a few restrictions but nothing harsh enough to keep them from enjoying the game. Subscribing unlocks the available expansions of the game and lifts all the restrictions in-game, offering the full Swtor experience.


One of the oldest MMOs that is still going strong with several new additions every year. Its community is also growing steadily, making the world feel quite populated and alive.

You can follow several career paths and level up different skills by using them. Graphics may be a bit outdated but gameplay is enjoyable and offers many options. Despite its age, Runescape keeps growing up with new features and improvements planned for the future.

A Free to Play title with an optional subscription that unlocks the entire experience.

Black Desert Online

best mmo

A gorgeous looking game with a robust combat system. Black Desert Online offers a vast world to explore and several Classes to choose from. A great choice if you like fast paced combat in a story rich universe.

Black Desert Online suffers from extreme RNG and grind but is a quite popular and enjoyable title.

The game is Buy to Play but is also focusing a lot on micro-transactions.

Eve Online

The Ultimate Space experience. Eve Online is intimidating to get into but can worth your time if you enjoy a good space adventure. Hundreds of ships to choose from and several paths to take in the huge universe of the game.

A player driven economy creates opportunities for freelancers but also countless dangers. You can choose to play Eve Online Solo or join one of the many Corporations around.

The game offers two paying models. A free to play model with restrictions on the skills you can learn and ships you can fly and a subscription model that lifts all restrictions and allows you to experience everything the game has to offer.

Albion Online

best mmo

A PVP focused MMO with a player driven economy! Albion Online bears similarities with Eve Online in the way it is designed(player driven economy, divided in zones etc) but manages to offer a unique experience.

It offers a classless system where players can level up almost every weapon and armor line by simply using them.

Good option if you enjoy top down games with the freedom to explore different paths and customize your character in any way you like.

Albion Online is a Free to Play game with an optional subscription.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is the most anticipated MMO of 2022! An established and successful game that is finally coming to the West audience, published by Amazon Games Studios.

Lost Ark features a robust combat system and several available classes to choose from. The freedom to customize your characters and their skills creates a unique experience and is promising a fun title.

The game is scheduled for release in early 2022 and will be a Free to Play title with micro-transactions.

Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol is another highly anticipated MMO that however does not have a release date at the moment. Hopefully it will be released sometime next year(2022), at least in Japan first. Eventually will become available to the West!

Blue Protocol is a strictly PVE anime-like MMO that will be Free to Play on launch.

Ashes of Creation

Another highly anticipated and ambitious MMO with no release date known. The game is currently in closed Alpha with several more testing phases following.

You can purchase Pre-Order Packs that will allow you to participate in designated play-tests but they are rather expensive.

Ashes of Creation plans to offer a subscription pay model.

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