best free to play games

Best Free to Play Games

Free to Play Games have quickly earned their place in the heart of millions of gamers worldwide. Free to Play games might have had a rocky start, with several issues because of their micro-transactions policies but they are now considered a staple daily activity for video games enthusiasts.

Their quality and entertainment they offer in some cases is even better than that of triple A, expensive to buy titles. Free to Play games are here to stay and that can only be a good thing for gamers. Of course all of these titles have an in-game store with plenty of cosmetics mostly items for us to buy, allowing every player to choose the level of their financial involvement.

It is entirely possibly to spend hundreds or even more hours in their respective worlds without spending a single cent! The main problem with Free to Play games is which one to choose and play, since there are so many of them around! More and more games of that type are getting released every year, offering countless options for gamers no matter what their favorite genre is.

Some of course are better than other and this is the purpose of this list. To help you find the one suitable for you!

The Best Free to Play Games that you should play or at least try are:

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact had an amazing launch in 2020 and is going very strong in 2021. The game offers a vast, expansive open world with several instances and the ability to play co-op with your friends or strangers. An anime-like, strictly PVE action RPG that puts emphasis on Elemental Reactions and appropriate party setup to deal with challenges. It is possible to unlock a few dozens of characters, customize their build in any way you like and create your own combination of characters, artifacts and weapons.

To unlock the best characters and weapons however you will have to rely on luck and pull them through the game’s wish system. Primogems, the game’s premium currency is required to do that but thankfully you can earn them in-game.

It is possible to enjoy what the game has to offer without spending anything to its store. A must try for fantasy and anime fans!


One of the best and most popular Sci-Fi Free to Play Games today. Warframe is an action RPG third person shooter that combines elements of melee combat, role playing and parkour!

Players can unlock several different types of Tenno, the game’s warriors archetypes and customize them to perform specific roles. The game offers open world areas but also proceduraly generated levels and it is possible to advance with pure grinding. Micro-transactions are of course present in case you wish to speed up your progress.

best free to play games

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is another great example of Free to Play games done right! A fantasy Action RPG, heavily inspired by Diablo II, that has grown enough to create its own legacy in the history of gaming.

In Path of Exile, players can level up and customize with unique loot their character by progressing through vast, procedurally generated levels. What sets this game apart from similar titles is its one of a kind passive skill tree that offers countless combinations of bonuses. You can follow the direction of your choice and create a truly unique character based on your favorite play-style.

The skill system in Path of Exile is also quite interesting, since it relies on gems you equip on your weapons and armor.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first person shooter multiplayer game that will satisfy your Sci-Fi itch! Players can travel around the game’s universe to complete various missions and earn better loot for their character. Destiny 2 offers both PVE and PVP game modes that will keep any type of gamer entertained.

Like with other similar titles, progression in Destiny 2 is very important and getting enough experience or better weapons will allow you to complete harder content.

EVE Online

EVE Online has rightfully earned its title as THE Space Game! Every space enthusiast has to play or try EVE Online at least once. The game started as a subscription based title more than a decade ago but since November 2016 it also offers a limited free to play version.

Its free to play version limits the number of skill points you can train and the ships you can fly but is more than enough to enjoy almost everything the game has to offer and decide if you wish to invest more to it!

EVE can be daunting to enter as a new player but it is worth the trouble of learning all of its gimmicks and fine details. You can follow any path you wish from mining to bounty hunting to explorer of wormholes and null sec space.

EVE Online is arguably one of the best free to play space games available and is actually a lot more than a game. It is an experience.

Albion Online

Another Buy to Play game that went Free to Play later with great success. Albion Online offers a classless system where players can level up almost every weapon and armor line by simply using them.

Albion is focusing more on PVP than PVE and caters mostly to big groups and that kind of gameplay. However with its latest updates, the game attempts to make its world somewhat more appealing to single players as well.

Good option if you enjoy top down games with the freedom to explore different paths and customize your character in any way you like.


Runescape has turned twenty years old! One of the oldest MMORPGs that is still going strong with several new additions every year. Its community is also growing steadily, making the world feel quite populated and alive.

You can follow several career paths and level up different skills by using them. Graphics may be a bit outdated but gameplay is enjoyable and offers many options. Combat is not action based but more like semi-automatic. When you click on an enemy, you will continue attacking it until it is dead.

Despite its age, Runescape keeps growing up with new features and improvements planned for the future.

Final Fantasy XIV

Not a pure Free to Play game but more like a subscription based game with a very generous Free to Play option. In Final Fantasy XIV you can play for free until you hit level 60!

A Fantasy MMORPG with a rocky start that is now one of the best MMORPGs available to players. Choose your favorite class, customize and upgrade your character and participate in intense Raids, which is also the game’s finest feature.

World of Warships

One of the best, if not the best Naval Warfare based Free to Play MMO game! World of Warships offers the unique opportunity to wage war with massive Ships, from destroyers to Battleships and Aircraft Carriers.

The design of the game is superb and the strategic element will require players to think and coordinate in order to take down the enemy team or achieve their objective. The core of the game is PVP battles where two fleets of enemy warships are attempting to sink each other in the open sea.

You can progress in the game by unlocking new tiers of ships and commanding deadlier vessels. One of Wargaming. net finest titles.

best free to play games

World of Tanks

Another title, focusing on Tanks this time. This was actually the first game of that kind that was followed later by World of Warships and World of Warplanes. You can play with different types of Tanks from different countries, unlock new tiers and participate in deadlier fights.

A very fun MMO, especially if you are enthusiastic about these armored beasts and their history. Strategy and team coordination is important to stay alive and win your match.

best free to play games

War Thunder

War Thunder offers aerial, ground and naval combat in one title. Originally designed as a planes fight game that later expanded its arsenal with tanks and warships. War Thunder offers Arcade, Realistic and Simulator Battles, suitable for players of every level.

Currently one of the best games of its genre, especially if you love aircrafts and fast paced combat.

best free to play games

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the best Battle Royale, Free to Play games at the moment. Players can fight in groups of three in an always shrinking map to determine the best team.

You can choose from a number of available characters with unique skills and play-style to assist your team and win every match. Its artistic style and unique gameplay elements, help it to stand out from the competition.

Apex Legends takes place in the Titanfall universe and was a breath of fresh air for the genre when it was originally released. It is still one of the best option for some Battle Royale fun.


Fortnite is the king of Battle Royale. A Free to Play mix of shooter and building elements, that took the world by storm when it was released and continues to grow even now. The ability to collect materials and create buildings is what makes Fortnite unique and a Battle Royale in a league of its own.

This building/Shooting combination however might not be for everyone, especially if you are after some pure shooting action. We cannot deny though that this uniqueness is what makes Fortnite a very successful title.

Call of Duty Warzone

Warzone is the Battle Royale for you if you are after the pure shooting and killing element. Like the other titles of the genre, you enter an always shrinking map alone or as a part of a team with a single goal, to be the last man/team standing.

As you kill enemies or complete objectives you gain cash, which you can spend to buy gadgets that can help you in the match. A very interesting feature of Warzone is the Gulag, which is basically a second chance to return to the game if you die. When in the Gulag players fight one versus one and the winner returns to his team to continue fighting.

More realistic with some excellent map design but atrocious Disk space requirements, Warzone can be the Battle Royale fun you have been looking for.


Valorant is another quite popular free to play Multiplayer tactical first person shooter. Players fight each other in a team versus team battle with unique characters designed based on different world cultures. The characters of Valorant have unique skills to use and you can upgrade them by buying weapons and charges through an in-game system based on performance on previous rounds.

Reminds a lot of Overwatch and offers several game modes to enjoy.

best free to play games

Dota 2

A Free to Play Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game and one of the most played Steam games worldwide! A top down team versus team tower defense like gameplay with characters with unique skills and progression that requires tactics and good coordination to win.

The two teams have to protect their base while trying to destroy the enemy’s base. Every player picks a character to play with,, which they can upgrade by buying skills and items while the game progresses. While being a Free to Play game Dota 2 is also very competitive with several players and teams competing on a professional level.


Dauntless is an Action RPG Free to Play game where players can hunt down enormous creatures called Behemoths. It is heavily inspired from the Monster Hunter series but offers its own unique artistic style and gameplay features.

By hunting and killing enemies you can gather materials to create better weapons and equipment with and fight bigger opponents. Very interesting choice if you like that kind of gameplay and art style, especially if you wish to try without spending money.


A Free to Play Digital Collectible Card Game inspired by and based on the world of the Warcraft series. Players can create their own decks with heroes and minions found in the Warcraft games and try to defeat their opponent in one versus one fights.

Use your deck and cards smartly to win matches, earn gold and unlock new cards. Hearthstone is quite popular with an esport presence but it still remains a nice way to relax and spend some time enjoying everything a CCG has to offer.

best free to play games

Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol is an upcoming anime-like Free to Play MMORPG that has already drawn the attention of players around the globe. It is set to release on Japan later this year with a global release following the next (couple?) year(s).

Its vibrant open world and the anime design it offers make it one of the most anticipated Free to Play titles. The game, like Genshin Impact is going to be strictly PVE, at least for now.