battlefront misty dungeon event

Battlefront Misty Dungeon Event

Battlefront Misty Dungeon is a Trial based Event in Genshin Impact 1.5! During the event, players can assemble a team out of specific Trial characters and complete six themed Trials.

The event begins on May 21st and will run until May 31st. Every player at Adventure Rank 20 or above can participate.

Trials & Characters

In total there are six available Trials you can complete, each with its own different theme. Every themed trial has different enemies, quests, traps and Ley Line Disorders. Ley Line Disorders affect gameplay in each Trial and fits its theme.

For example the Ley Line Disorder in the Plunging Trial boosts the Atk of your characters when you deal damage with a Plunging Attack.

The Trials are not available all at the same time but will unlock gradually. The Plunging Trial and Healing Trial can be completed the first day of the event while the other four will unlock later. Two trials every two days. The Themed Trials of the Battlefront Misty Dungeon event are:

  • Plunging Trial – May 21st
  • Healing Trial – May 21st
  • Melee Trial – May 23rd
  • Ranged Trial – May 23rd
  • Shield Trial – May 25th
  • Elemental Trial – May 25th

You cannot bring your own characters to the Trials. You must assemble a team from Trial specific characters, offered to you instead.

battlefront misty dungeon event

These characters are fully equipped with weapons and artifacts and leveled up. Their constellation level is C0 if you do not own them in the game. If you do own a Trial character in the game though, they will inherit the constellation level of your characters.

The ability to participate by using premade, fully leveled up and equipped characters, makes it easy for lower level players to enjoy the event.

Gameplay Details

The goal of the event is to unlock and complete the Final Challenge of each Themed Trial. To achieve this you must first find and activate three Ancient Runes. Each Ancient Rune offers a combat challenge, where you have to defeat x number of enemies.

battlefront misty dungeon event

Inside the Trial, there are also other challenges, that reward you with specific buffs. These buffs can boost the speed or Atk of your party, extend the duration of the Trial or even revive fallen party members and restore their HP.

Finally inside the Trial, you will also encounter Traps that attack automatically when nearby. You can either ignore them and continue exploring the dungeon or attack and destroy them before moving on. It is easy to deal with these traps if you have a ranged character in your party.

Event Rewards

There are several rewards you can earn by completing Trials. Primogems are awarded to you the first time you complete each Trial! But you can also earn Mora and upgrading materials for Characters and Weapons, depending on the Trial Quests you have completed!