antigonus quest

Antigonus Quest

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Antigonus is a World Quest in Enkanomiya, Inazuma. The Quest is also part of the Collection of Dragons and Snakes World Quest Series in the area.

To begin the quest you must first locate two Shades of Tokoyo, Oogura and Ooshima. The shades can be found inside a collapsed room on the Dainichi Mikoshi part of the map.

From the Southern Teleport Waypoint of the area, head West and jump. Glide to the room and talk to the two afterimages.

antigonus quest

Before you can accept the quest, you must first advance the main story line of Enkanomiya and reach Dainichi Mikoshi, at the center of the map. To enter Enkanomiya you must first complete the “The Moon-Bathed Deep” Quest in Watatsumi Island and accept the “The Still Water’s Flow” Quest from Tsuyuko.

Reaching Dainichi Mikoshi and unlocking the ability to manually change the day/night cycle is vital for this quest but also many more in the area. Switching to Evernight(Night) will reveal the Shades of Tokoyo, which are basically ghosts that offer you quests.

You can now talk to the two shades, which will ask you to find their third friend, Antei, in order to prove their innocence.

antigonus quest
Oogura and Ooshima

Antei & Book

Follow the quest and you will find Antei on the smallest part of the map, South of The Serpent’s Heart. He will tell you that a machine(Ruin Guard) has collapsed above the Book and he will provide you with the means to fix it.

Get the Ruin Machine Core and insert it to the Ruin Guard nearby. Defeat the Ruin Guard and get the “Before Sun and Moon” Book. Talk to Antei again to complete the Quest.

antigonus quest

Finding the book completes the Antigonus Quest but also progresses the Collection of Dragons and Snakes World Quest Series. The Before Sun and Moon is one of the five Books you have to find around Enkanomiya, in order to complete it.

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