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A Particularly Particular Author Quest

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A Particularly Particular Author is a World Quest in Genshin Impact, that takes place in the Tsurumi Island. This is the first part of the “Through the Mists” main quest of the Tsurumi Island in Inazuma and quite similar to the Seirai Stormchasers world quest of Seirai Island.

The ultimate goal of the quest is to lift the heavy fog on the island and make it easier to explore it. By completing the quest you can also unlock the “P-Paimon ate it…” achievement!

This Quest series has multiple parts that unlock daily!

Begin Quest

To begin the quest talk to Katheryne in Inazuma City. She will then send you to talk to Sumida about her commission. Sumida will ask you to retrieve a Maushiro, a musical instrument found only in the Tsurumi island. After you accept her request, talk to Kama and travel to the island.

The island is covered in heavy fog and any attempt to wander around will teleport you back to where you started. To avoid being teleported back all the time, follow the instructions of the quest and proceed accordingly.

Go to the designated location on the map where you will meet Ruu, a yound boy and your guide for the rest of this quest.

Perch & Feathers

Follow Ruu to the next location and listen to the conversation between him, Makiri and Ipe. Touch the Perch as per Ruu’s request to begin the offering. Three feathers will scatter around. Find them and touch them to return them back. Their location is visible on the mini-map and they are easy to find.

Once you have returned all three, go back and touch the perch again. The tree will blossom and the fog will disappear from the area around. After talking to Ruu, head towards the Ceremonial Site in the middle of the island.

When you reach this area, talk to Mata. Now you have to repeat the offering three more times in different areas to lift the fog and help with the ceremony. The areas you have to visit are Chirai Shrine, Shirikoro Peak and Autake Plains. Each area has its own set of puzzles and challenges you need to complete in order to lift the fog.

a particularly particular author

Chirai Shrine

Touch the Perch to scatter the Feathers. The feathers are easy to find in this area. Just visit their location as shown on the mini-map and touch them. The third feather will guide you through a Phase Gate before you can collect it.

Return to the tree and touch the Perch again to lift the fog in the area.

Shirikoro Peak

The hardest part of the quest with a couple tough puzzles to solve. Touch the Perch to begin. All feathers will go underwater though so you will have to solve the seelie puzzle first to proceed. Once you have found and returned all the three seelie in the area, a chest will spawn and the water will lower, allowing you to descent.

Jump down, grab the first feather and follow the other two deep underground. The feathers will continue behind the door. To proceed you have to unlock the mechanism and open the door. To achieve this connect the relay stones with power as seen in the picture below. There are four relay stones in the rooms nearby.

a particularly particular author
Shirikoro Peak First Puzzle

A chest will spawn and the mechanism will unlock. Activate it to open the door and enter the second room. Follow the feather, which will go behind the locked door in this room again.

You need to first guide the three seelie and unlock the first mechanism that will lower the water around the room. One of the seelie is hidden behind a rock formation on the west side of the room as you enter. Use your elemental sight to find it easily.

Once all three seelie are in place, a chest will spawn and the first mechanism will unlock. Use it to lower the water. Grab the relay stones nearby and connect them as seen in the picture below to unlock the second mechanism.

Shirikoro Peak Second Puzzle

A Luxurious Chest will spawn, the mechanism will unlock and you can use it to open the door. Get into the next room and collect the third feather. Return to the Tree to touch the Perch and lift the fog.

Autake Plains

Go to the next area, defeat the enemies near the tree and touch the Perch. Go to the location of the feathers on the mini-map to return them. The challenge here is that there are enemies next to every feather.

They will attack you while trying to touch the feathers but in general this is an easy area as well. Follow the feathers around, touch them and go back to touch the Perch and lift the fog.


Once you have lifted the fog from all three areas, you can return to the Ceremonial Site. Check the light to obtain the Maushiro. Return to Kama to go back to Inazuma City. Now you can go to Sumida to end the quest.

Maushiro will have disappeared however and Sumida will ask you to meet her again when she is done investigating about it(Octave of the Maushiro Second Part). This will end the quest and unlock the “P-Paimon ate it…” achievement.

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